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                Anal play can be fun in the bedroom. It offers the naughty aspect of enjoying sex with your partner. But for beginners, it can be intimidating. This is the reason why The Sex Garden gathers great products that can help the first-timer to get started.

                If you are new to any type of anal pleasure, you may want to consider looking into a “beginner anal kit”. Good thing, Malesation and Rebel brand of sex toys were included in this collection to introduce their products that are suited for beginners. Most of their products are set of anal toys. These are specially made for those who are new to anal exploration.

                To guide you more in choosing which sex toy to be used, read on below.

                4 Anal toys for beginners

                Butt plugs

                A butt plug is a versatile anal toy that is inserted into the rectum to experience sexual pleasure. Their shape is usually like a teardrop with a wider base to prevent them from getting suck in the anus.

                When using butt plugs, being aroused and relaxed is important. Therefore, incorporating it with other sexual play like masturbation, oral sex is a great way to get you wet.

                Anal Beads

                Anal beads are adult toys that are consist of series of beads or spheres attached together with a string. This is commonly shaped together into silicone, plastic or other material. This toy is inserted into the anus and then pulled out either slowly or quickly. Thus, it provides pleasure when the beads pass through the sphincter muscle.

                Anal dildos

                Anal dildo is specifically designed for anal use. This adult toy is great to use by couples who would like to engage in anal intercourse. It can provide them an intense feeling of “fullness” that a lot of people really enjoy.

                Typically, anal dildos have two distinct features. These features are:

                1. Anal dildo is often curved to provide prostate stimulation. The same with dildos that are curved to provide G-spot stimulation through vaginal use.
                2. Anal dildos usually have a wider base to prevent the dildo from being lodged in the anus. It also has a handle or ring to aid in manual removal.

                Prostate massager

                Generally, a prostate massager is considered to be the best sex toy to help in massaging the prostate from inside the butt. But some prostate massagers nowadays are designed to be used as a sex toy like a dildo. These massagers are usually designed to be hands-free. Some prostate massagers also equipped with perineum nubs for added pleasure.

                Things to consider before using anal toys

                For first-timer, using anal toys can a bit scary. Hence, some important things must keep in mind before using any butt toys for anal play. Listed below are some of the things to consider in making your anal play experience more enjoyable, fun and safer than ever.

                • Proper hygiene

                During anal play, you will be inserting something into your anus. Therefore, having proper hygiene is vital before you start this activity with your partner.

                To prepare yourself, go to the bathroom 30-60 minutes before you begin anal play. You can also empty your bowels and wash the anal area with regular soap and warm water.

                • Size of the toy

                When you start looking into anal toys, it is vital to consider the size. Typically, smaller- sized products are the best choice for beginners. You can slowly work up to a larger size to add more pleasure.

                • Use lots of lube

                When it comes to anal play, using lube is very important. Without lube, butt play can lead to irritation and tears in the delicate skin of the anus.

                • Handle anal toys properly

                Any sex toys specifically anal toys need to be wash and disinfect before and after use. This is because of the faecal matters that can cause infections. Thus, proper care and handling of any butt toys can reduce the risk of having sexually transmitted infections.

                • Consider your health

                Hold off on using anal toys if you have haemorrhoids, anal fissures and prostate condition. Therefore, it is a good idea to check with your health professional before using any anal toys in your sexual activity.

                Why choose the anal beginner’s toys?

                • Phthalate-free

                Phthalate is a chemical that has been scientifically proven to have detrimental effects on human health. Fortunately, the collection of anal toys here are all phthalate-free to make it safe for consumers.

                • Easy to clean

                All the products in this collection are easy to clean, hygienic and waterproof. You can simply clean these toys by using water and soap.

                • Affordable

                To ensure that the consumer can buy good products here, manufacturers offer their sex toys at an affordable price.

                What’s next?

                If you are not sure of what anal toy to pick for your anal play, then this collection of anal toys for beginners can help you. Grab your amazing starter kit set now! Just click on your choice below. Then enjoy the exciting world of anal play using their safe and high-quality products.

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