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                For other people, they do not know that nipples can be a source of sexual pleasure. Unfortunately, there are also a few who are not into nipple stimulation. After all, trying nipple stimulation is all about your personal preference.

                One of the most common nipple accessories for nipple play is the nipple clamps. To know more about this product, The Sex Garden listed some of the most renowned nipple clamps today. Read below to understand nipple stimulation and nipple clamps better.

                Guide to nipple stimulation

                Learn the basics

                As you may know, every nipple is unique. That is why before exploring the nipples, you need to learn first the basics. According to breast anatomy, the nipple is connected to the breast and chest. During stimulation, there are three main areas to consider. These are the breast, areola or the area around the nipples and the nipple itself.

                Blow the nipples before you touch

                For first-timers, it is always a good idea to always start slow and gentle. For others, there is even no need for them to touch their partner’s nipples. By just blowing the nipples, their lover can experience an intense start off.

                You can either use a hard blow to create a cool breeze or an open-mouthed breathe to create a warm sensation. Most nipples are highly sensitive to both temperature and touch.

                Exploring the nipples

                For nipple stimulation, you have to decide which part will be used to touch. For some people, it can be the fingers, lips or tongue. Some individuals who might want to use their other body parts to touch the nipples.

                The most important thing to remember is to always begin with a gentle touch. Then you have to give time for your body to build up for stimulation.

                Biting the nipples

                If your partner enjoys a more intense stimulation, you can use your teeth to tease their nipples. But make sure to always start cautiously. Do not bite it down very hard. Just try to explore it by simply putting the nipple between your teeth. Leave it there for a moment and observe how your partner will respond.

                Play with temperature

                As mentioned above, nipples can be very sensitive to temperature change. That is the reason why temperature play is one way of intensifying your nipple stimulation.

                To start with, you can use ice to give a numbing effect to the nipples. Another way is to use hot wax. Whether you use ice or hot wax, always make sure to introduce it slowly.

                Using nipple clamps

                For those who want to take their nipple stimulation to another level, then using nipple clamps is a perfect idea. Nipple clamps are nipple accessories that are designed to fit on, over or around the nipples. This is used to create different kinds of sensations to the nipples.

                To know more about nipple clamps, below are its common types.

                Types of nipple clamps

                • Clover clamps

                This is a popular sex accessory that has a Japanese origin. These are sometimes called the “butterfly clamps”. Clover clamps are usually applied to the nipples. Then it is held in place by spring tension.

                To make the tension even tighter on the nipples, someone has to pull on the chain attached to the clover clamps or on the weights that are attached on the ends of the clover clamps.

                • Clothespin-style clamps

                Although it is named as clothespin-style, it seems to be more like a half-done alligator clip. These clamps are attached to your nipple like a clothespin. To make your experience more extreme, it has an adjustable pressure on one side.

                Moreover, it usually has a small screw where you can adjust the tightness as you desire.

                • Tweezer clamps

                This type is the best choice for beginners because it is easy to use. It has a long, thin design that looks like tweezers. For more comfortability, it is coated with rubber at the nipple end. It also has an adjustable ring. If you wish to tighten the pressure, just adjust the ring closer to the nipple. To loosen it up, you have to take the ring further away from the nipple.

                • Nipple suckers

                These nipple clamps are perfect for both beginners and advanced nipple play fanatics. This type of clamp has a simple design.

                To use these clamps, just squeeze them in your hand and apply them to the nipples. After that, you can let them go again. The air pressure on the clamps will suck on your nipples. As a result, it will make the nipples erect and sensitive.

                • Vibrating nipple clamps

                Obviously, these are nipple clamps that vibrate. These look like a typical clothespin style clamps. But it has a small bullet vibrator that is attached to the clamps. The small vibrator can produce vibrations all over the nipples. Thus, it allows the wearer to experience exhilarating nipple stimulation.

                Why should you use nipple accessories

                • Safe to use

                The Sex Garden’s nipple accessories are safe to use. Most of their products have adjustable screws so that it will fit according to your body type.

                • High-quality

                To make your nipple stimulation more anticipated, The Sex Garden provides you with high-quality products. Their collection of nipple accessories can offer toe-curling sensations to the wearer.

                What to do next?

                If you are new to nipple stimulation, then it is a good idea to try these nipple accessories. Go ahead and check this out. The Sex Garden has a wide selection of sex toys for your nipple!

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