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                Hamr is a sex toy brand that is designed for serious sex toy players. They produce futuristic adult toys specifically dildos with captivating designs. Most of their dildos are transparent and flexible. It has a well-formed bell end, appealing grooves and tapered end.

                With its intricate design, it is also made of high quality materials. Whether it is for solo play or couples play, Hamr dildos are the best choice. Hamr products are made in Europe. It is used for faster and deeper erotic play.

                Since Hamr produces high-quality dildos, read below to learn more about it.

                What are dildos

                Dildo is a popular sex toy with explicitly phallic appearance. It is designed for penetration or other sexual activity such as masturbation.

                Nowadays, there are so many different types of adult toys that are available in the market. But, dildos are probably the most classic tool used for sexual entertainment.

                It usually comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Using dildo is a basic yet exciting way to stimulate and aroused yourself. Dildos are great sex toys that can bring you to new heights of erotic pleasure. If it is properly taken care of, it can definitely make you happy for years to come.

                Advantages of using dildos

                • It elevates your mood and stimulates your senses

                Dildos are used to change your inner mood during sexual scene. Sex toys will give you an erotic fulfilment that is sometimes even better than real penis.

                With dildos, you will be able to experience satisfying sex without the need for other’s touch. Likewise, dildos can also be used to add more enjoyment to couples play.

                Most of the time, there is an excellent stimulation associated with someone using a dildo. Couples can’t get away with the fantastic feeling it gives.

                • It is great for exploration

                Using dildo for solo play will help you explore erotic places within yourself. You will be able to experiment with different depths and sizes of penetration.

                In other words, using dildos for solo play is just like a test drive for any sensual move you want to try with your partner.

                • It ensures sexual relief with your partner

                A dildo may be used in situations when a man has already reached his climaxed but his partner is still ready for more. A guy can use a dildo to satisfy his partner while he recharges his energy after a long love-making session.

                • It is used for genital therapy

                Dildos are effective tools for genital therapy. For women, dildos can be used to assist in strengthening Kegel muscular tissues. Moreover, it can increase better performance and climaxes.

                On the other hand, for men who may have undergone a sex change, dildos can be used to enhance elasticity with the new vagina.

                • It can be used for both males and females

                Whether you are a male or female, you can definitely use dildo for different purposes. For female, this toy can be used for vaginal play or anal play. For male, this can be used for anal play.

                To experiment with this toy even further, you can use a harness to insert the dildo. In this way, a lesbian couple can enjoy sex without a man.

                • It is safer to use than real penis

                If you want to have sex without the worries of getting pregnant or acquiring STDs, then using dildo is the answer. Dildos are safer to use than real pen as long as the toy is hygienically clean. Dildos can be a good replacement if you shy away from having sexual contact.

                Why should you try Hamr dildos

                • Made from high quality materials

                Hamr dildos are made from transparent and soft PVC material. It is firm yet flexible to use. With this material, they make sure that you will experience intense and precise stimulation like you’ve never felt before!

                • Safe to use

                Hamr ensures that all their dildos are safe to use. They are all made in Europe. Rest assured that their dildos are phthalate-free. This means that it doesn’t contain any harmful materials.

                • Different sizes and shapes are available to suit your preferences

                Whether you’re an intermediate or advanced sex toy player, there is a suitable dildo for you. Hamr provides a wide array of dildos in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They have available dildos from 20.5cm long to 35.5cm long. You will definitely find your perfect sex toy companion!

                What to do next?

                A dildo can surely bring tons of fun and excitement to any solo play or couples play. With its appearance alone, you will easily get into the mood.

                When it comes to dildo, Hamr is the best brand for you. They provide a collection of gorgeous dildos that will suit your personal erotic needs. If you are interested, feel free to look through their list of products here. You can surely find the best dildo that will satisfy your erotic desires.

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