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                Glyde manufactures and distributes high quality sexual health products including latex and non-latex condoms. They have their exclusive, patented double dipping, double washing manufacturing process. This process makes their condoms remarkably strong without increasing the thickness, thereby creating a sheer, ultra-fine sheath. Their manufacturing process also eliminates any unpleasant latex rubber taste or smell.

                Glyde is the most popular brand of condom today. This is the reason why their products became the benchmark product for sexual health clinics, AID Councils and Government Health Departments. Glyde comes in various sizes, colours and flavours that will suit to user’s preferences.

                Some may contain natural rubber latex, while other products are latex-free. You can read on the label before purchasing. To learn more about condoms, listed below are some of the information about it.

                What is condom?

                Condoms are thin pouches that stop sperms from getting into the vagina. Basically it is made of rubber. It is commonly used for vaginal, anal and oral sex.

                There are condoms that are designed for male and female. The male condom is usually made of latex, which is a type of rubber. However, some male condoms are latex-free which is used by those people with latex allergies. On the other hand, the female condom is inserted into the vagina. Most of female condoms are also made from non-latex materials.

                Why Use condoms?

                • Condoms protect women against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as HIV. Even worst, this can lead to having acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).
                • Since some contraception methods don’t protect you against STIs and HIV, using good quality condoms such as Glyde condoms can protect you from STDs.
                • Condoms are readily available. They are also easy to use.

                What lubricants should be used?

                Lubrication helps to encourage condom use and avoid condom breakage. There are certain ways to provide lubrication. These include natural lubrication (vaginal lubricants) and artificial lubrication (personal lubricants). Read more below to know which type of lube should be used together with condoms.

                • Water-based lubricant can be used in any sexual activity. It is ideal for people with sensitive skin or vaginal irritation. Water-based lubes can also be used during penetrative sex, masturbation and sex toy play. Condoms such as from Glyde are safe to use with water-based lube.
                • Oil-based lubricants provide slippery feeling that lasts longer than water- based lubes. However, oil-based lubes should not be used with latex condom. This is because it may dissolve the condom which leads to breakage.
                • Oil products (such as cooking, baby, coconut, mineral), petroleum jelly, butter, lotions, cold creams and margarine should not be used with condoms.

                Things to consider before using condoms

                1. Practice makes perfect. Before your actual play, try putting condoms first on your own.
                2. Check the expiration date on the pack before using.
                3. There are special condoms that are available for those who are allergic to rubber. .Ask a health professional for a specific type of condom that will suit you.
                4. Check the packet if it is in good condition. Look for the certification mark (FDA, CE, ISO or Kitemark) on the packaging to know if it is compliant to safety standards.
                5. Don’t double up. Using female and male condoms at the same time will not necessarily mean you are double-protected. In fact, it may cause friction. It can make the condom to split or slip off.
                6. Use lubricants to make you feel more comfortable. This can also increase pleasure during sex.
                7. Choosing the right size is important. Try out different sizes of condoms to find the one that is best for you.
                8. Condoms have different textures and flavours. The good news is Glyde comes with various textures, thickness, and flavours. There are lots of options to choose from this brand.

                Why choose Glyde Condoms?

                • Safe to use

                Glyde condoms are made from natural ingredients. They are odourless, colourless and hypoallergenic. It is also made of ultra-thin synthetic resin. They are paraben-free and glycerine-free.

                They even have no active substance like spermicides, benzocaine, or thermo active substance. In other words, they are safe to use because it has no harmful chemicals.

                • High quality and trusted brand

                For over 25 years, Glyde has elevated their condom production with clean plant-based formula and sustainable ingredients. They also have an ethical process to deliver safe sex experience that both partners will enjoy.

                Glyde condom provides reliable comfort and performance. They make sure that users will be provided with high quality products that are proven and tested.

                • Affordable

                Glyde provides quality condoms for their customers for an affordable price.

                What’s next?

                Looking for a unique condom that is designed for maximum comfort? Glyde is the best brand for you. It is made from very thin elastic. This makes it easier to wear and comfortable to use. Try to pick one from their collections here.

                Glyde has a complete set of condoms, dams, lubricants, and gloves. Condoms have various sizes, colours and flavours. Grab yours now! Explore using Glyde products. Feel the new exciting and pleasurable experience.

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