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                If you want to try out new types of stimulation and experience erotic pleasure, then using masturbation sleeves is a great idea. This sex toy will help you understand your orgasmic response to improve your performance with your partner.

                Fortunately, The Sex Garden provides masturbation sleeves to help you get started. For those who are interested in trying this product, here is a quick guide about masturbating and masturbation sleeves.

                Brief history of masturbating

                Masturbation comes from the Latin word “manus” (hand) and “stupratio” (violate) which also means violating by hand. Masturbation is also known as “onanism”. This is a term that originates in the Old Testament which means interrupted sexual intercourse. Then in the early 18th century, an English physician and theologian named Bekker introduced the sense of stimulating oneself sexually and the alleged dangers of onanism.

                Today, people already know that masturbation is a common and harmless behaviour. Although, they still have many delusions and taboos regarding masturbation.

                How to masturbate

                Everyone has their own way of masturbating. Some use common techniques while others have their unique method. For first-timers, they can explore it so that they will find out what works for them.

                When it comes to masturbating, people always use their hands and fingers. This is because the hands and fingers are easy to control and can reach almost all parts of the body. These can also be used either for gentle touching or more powerful stimulation.

                One of the most popular and easiest ways to masturbate is to stimulate the glans of the clitoris or penis. As you may know, these areas contain more nerve endings than any other parts of the body. When someone is sexually aroused, the erectile tissue in the clitoris, labia and penis fills with blood. Thus, this will result in an increase in your sensitivity.

                How to choose masturbation sleeves

                Sleeves are unique sex toys that are often overlooked by many men. These adult toys can add a new level of sensation to your solo play. Some even enjoy it with a partner. Additionally, this sex toy is easy to use. If you are a beginner, here are some steps on how to choose one for yourself.

                Decide which style you prefer

                Choosing what style of the sleeves is a matter of personal preference. It is vital to pick a style that you really like. This is because visual elements can definitely enhance sexual enjoyment.

                Good thing, masturbation sleeves come in various designs. Some of these sex toys are designed to look like the vaginal entrance, anal entrance, hands and even a set of soft lips.

                If you prefer a more discreet design, then there are also sleeves with a more neutral appearance. This type of sleeve can still function the same.

                Pick a good material

                Make sure to choose a material that is soft and stretchy because they can most likely provide comfortability and maximum pleasure. But you must also be aware that not all soft and stretchy materials are safe.

                For example, masturbation sleeves that are made of jelly materials are extremely comfortable. However, this material tends to have a strange odour that can be harmful to your health. Aside from that, it has an unusual texture.

                Sleeves that are made of TPE or TPR materials can be a good choice since they are generally odourless and very stretchy. But this material can be really expensive.

                Choose an ideal size

                Since every person has a different penis size, masturbation sleeves are also available in various sizes. When choosing, you have to make sure that it will perfectly fit your penis. The sleeves should not be very close-fitting or tight. If you are not comfortable with the fit, then consider trying different sizes.

                Vibration options

                For added sensation, some people prefer to use masturbation sleeves with a vibrating function. These vibrations usually come from a vibrating bullet that is either built-in or removable. If you think that adding vibrations will excite you, then you may want to consider this feature when buying your sleeves.

                Suction choices

                Masturbation sleeves have 2 common suction options. These are open-ended and closed-ended sleeves. Open-ended sleeves are usually easy to clean. However, they don’t provide enough suction and pressure because it is open at one end.

                On the other hand, closed-ended sleeves can provide a tighter feeling because they can trap air. Nevertheless, keeping this type of sleeve clean can be a challenge.

                Why should you choose masturbation sleeves

                • Comfortable to use

                These products are all made from comfortable and safe materials. You can now experience different sensations and a whole new level of erotic satisfaction.

                • Realistic sensation

                The Sex Garden’s masturbation sleeves have details and textures to mimic a real vaginal opening. You can definitely feel a nice tight and experience highest sexual pleasure!

                What to do next

                If you want to take your erotic pleasure to the next level, then you must try masturbation sleeves! You can shop for good quality masturbation sleeves now! Just feel free to browse here and choose the best one!

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