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                Since the sex toy market is continuously growing, the vibrator options also seem infinite. Consequently, choosing an adult toy can be more intimidating. But there are some vibrators out there that stand out above the rest. One good example is a G-spot vibrator.

                G-spot vibrator is a sex toy that can be used by either men or women. These are ergonomically shaped to slide in and stimulate the G-spot area. Aside from its unique shape, it is also designed to unleash your pleasure during sex.

                The Sex Garden’s G-spot vibrators came from different manufacturers who are known for providing excellent products in the market today. You can choose here to experience G-spot orgasm you desire.

                To guide you in purchasing one, read on here about G-spot and G-spot vibrator.

                What is G-spot?

                Before you decide to use a G-spot vibe, it is important to know first what G-spot is. Basically, G-spot is one of the erogenous areas of the vagina that when stimulated, it can lead to strong sexual arousal. It is a zone of tissues and nerves in women that exists somewhere between the vagina and urethra. Furthermore, G-spot is a spongy spot of tissue on the front side of the vaginal wall that can lead to orgasm once aroused.

                Stimulating your G-spot without using a sex toy can be awkward, particularly if you have a short arm. Good thing, G-spot vibrators are created to help you hit this spot!

                What is G-Spot Vibrators?

                G-spot vibrators are sex toys that are designed to stimulate the female hotspot, the G-spot. G-spot vibes come in different designs. The most common is the phallus-like shaped.

                Other G-spot vibrators are shaped like classic vibes with a curved tip for easier G-spot stimulation. Some are ribbed that allows the raised ridges to pass over the G-spot and offers stimulation. Whatever shapes, size, or texture they have, all G-spot vibes are designed to help reach intense G-spot orgasm.

                Regular vibrator vs. G-spot vibrator

                Classic and G-spot vibrators are similar in terms of vibrations. As their names imply, both sex toys can vibrate. They are also labelled as “personal massagers”. This is because they are interchangeable for massaging areas like back, neck, feet and even your more private parts.

                A typical vibrator is used around the sensitive clitoral area. Some can be inserted into the vagina. Unfortunately, it can’t adequately hit your G-spot.

                Diversely, G-spot vibrators can absolutely hit your G-spot every time you insert it inside the vagina. Typically, its curved designs can put pressure exactly where your G-spot is.

                How G-spot vibrator works?

                The primary goal of G-spot vibrator is to massage the G-spot. With their unique designed tips, this vibrator can complete its task efficiently. Its shape and motion are designed to target the G-spot. And eventually, provide direct stimulation.

                By directly applying slight pressure to this adult toy, G-spot orgasm can be achieved. Moreover, when using G-spot vibrator, patience is the best key. You have to take your time to try and find out what really works for you.

                How to use G-spot vibrator

                For those people who enjoy G-spot play, this vibrator can be an awesome addition to your erotic scene. To give you best results, read on below.

                • If your toy is a rechargeable one, then it is vital to fully charge it before using. On the other hand, if your vibe is a battery-operated one, make sure it has working batteries.
                • Wipe or rinse off your toy to make sure that there is no dust in it.
                • To make your penetration easy, use some lubes. You can use water-based lube for silicone, TPR/TPE vibrators. While for ABS plastic toys, use silicone lube. Proper checking of the manufacturer’s instruction before using a vibrator is also vital.
                • Slowly move your toy in and around the vagina to find what feels good for you.
                • Play with the settings until you find the one you like the most.
                • Once you already find the right spot and setting, lie back and start the fun!

                Why choose G-spot Vibrator products

                • With special features

                Most G-spot vibrators in this collection have special features. It includes clitoral stimulation, easy handling, easy to control and even charging status display.

                • Powerful

                The Sex Garden’s G-spot vibrators have high-quality motors to experience longer and powerful orgasm.

                • Waterproof

                Most of the products listed in this collection are waterproof. This will enable the user to clean it easily.

                What’s next?

                Now that you know more about G-spot and G-spot vibrator, then it’s time for you to pick from this collection. Listed here are some powerful and quality products from different manufacturers all over the world. These products can provide you with intense and overwhelming comfort and pleasure in bed.

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