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                If you are looking for something that can provide a powerful punch but still fits into your palm, then a compact vibe is what you need. Compact vibrators are usually shaped like a bullet. But sometimes it also has a shape of a flashlight or teardrop.

                For those who want to learn about this sex toy, then keep on reading! Here is a guide about compact vibrators. If you are interested, below is also a collection of good quality compact vibrators.

                Reasons why you should try compact vibrators

                There are 3 main reasons why most people use compact vibrators. Here are the following:

                1.  Portable and discreet – Compact vibrators or mini vibrators are obviously small. From the name itself, it is very compact that you can bring it everywhere you want. While other types of vibrators can be at least 6 inches long, compact vibrators only range from 3-5 inches. Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising that these vibrators are the perfect on-the-go device!

                Furthermore, the overall appearance of a compact vibrator is subtler than the regular one. Hence, it easily blends in with the rest of your belongings. If you want to travel, compact vibrators are also the perfect device to bring.

                2.  Quiet enough to avoid detection – Aside from the bulky size, one of the problems when using vibrators is the buzzing sound when it vibrates. Luckily, compact vibrators are equipped with ultra-quiet vibrations. Compact vibrators can only make as much sound like a soft whisper.

                3.  Simple and intuitive to use – The simplicity of compact vibrators is what most people want. It definitely has all the benefits of a classic vibrator but in a smaller version. Using compact vibrators is also less daunting. With just a push of a button, you can go through various vibration speeds.

                How to use compact vibrators

                Here are just some of the basic ways on how to use your compact vibrator.

                • Play with it on yourself first

                For beginners, getting a new toy can be challenging and scary at the same time. That is why it is important to try the toy first on your own before using it with a partner. Moreover, a lot of vibrators have a range of vibration patterns and speeds. You also have to familiarise and master the controls to make the most of your experience. Getting to know this sex toy will help you avoid any unexpected scenario.

                • Move gradually toward your target area

                For novices, giving direct stimulation to the most sensitive areas of the body can be too much at first. Hence, you should always start with a lower vibration setting. Begin to caress the areas that are a little away from your sweet spots. Then gradually move towards your target area. This can be a great way to build up the sensations and avoid numbness.

                • Get your whole body involved

                Some people assume that compact vibrators are just for below-the-belt fun. But the truth is, most couples love to use vibrators to their whole body. You can use the vibe and run it over your breasts, hips, stomach, collarbones and everywhere you want.

                You must also understand that sex is more than just genitals. Knowing this can just change your sex life.

                • Use lubricant

                A lot of people believed that lubes are only used by those who don’t have enough lubrication. But in reality, even if you’re a “juicy babe”, your lubrication levels can fluctuate depending on different factors. These may include your mood, cycle and weather.

                Thus, it is vital to use personal lubes. If you have more lubrication, you can also enjoy longer and comfortable erotic play.

                • Try it with a partner

                Vibrators are not just for solo play. If you enjoyed what your vibe does for you, then adding it to your partnered playtime can even make things better.

                Just slide a compact vibrator between you and your partner during intercourse. As a form of foreplay, your partner can also explore your body using the compact vibe.

                Why should you choose compact vibrators

                Powerful vibrations

                Although these are small/mini vibrators, they are equipped with powerful vibration function. Thus, it is perfect for solo play and couples’ play.


                Are you looking for some affordable compact vibrators? Then this collection from The Sex Garden is perfect for you. They provide compact vibrators at a low price that will suit your budget.

                Made of safe materials

                The Sex Garden’s products are all phthalate-free. These vibrators are also made of soft and odourless materials. Thus, these are surely safe for everyone especially for those who have sensitive skin.

                What to do next

                You should try out this small yet powerful sex toy! This is definitely a must-have device for people who want to enjoy intimate and intense erotic routines! Browse this collection to see more products!

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