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                Sex toys can make your sex life more exciting, pleasurable and fun! However, whenever you used them, bodily fluid is always involved. With that, you have to clean your adult toy every after use. This is to ensure that you are safe every time you use them.

                According to sex toy experts, using a dirty sex toy during an erotic play can put yourself at risk of getting a disease. Acquiring STIs is also possible. So it’s important to give your toy adequate care to reduce the risk of infections. Likewise, using a toy cleaner can help to make your toy last longer.

                To provide you information on how to take care of your pleasure toy, read on here.

                Why should you clean your sex toy?

                As mentioned above, STIs can be transmitted through using a sex toy. Yes, it’s possible especially when the toy is inserted into the body. Examples of these toys are vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and more.

                Basically, HPV or human papillomavirus is considered the most common transmitted disease associated with sex toy used. You are at higher risk if you share your toy with a partner. Aside from HPV, health conditions such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea and human immunodeficiency virus or HIV can also be spread.

                Even though a sex toy is used alone, it’s still possible to get bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections and UTIs. It usually happens when a pleasure device is not properly cleaned.

                Sex toy materials

                The sex toy material is actually the first thing that you should know before cleaning it. This is because adult toys are not created equal. They are made from various materials. And the way how you clean your toy usually depends on the type of material they are made of.

                Basically, sex toy materials are categorized into two different types. These are non-porous and porous materials.


                Non-porous materials are generally the best and most popular type of material used for adult toys. These may include silicone, glass, Pyrex, medical-grade stainless steel and metal. They can be cleaned thoroughly. You can also submerge and sterilise them in boiling water. On top of that, these types of materials are generally safe for the body.


                Most sex toy users avoid this type of material. This is because they tend to accumulate bacteria easily. Aside from that, they can’t be sterilised.

                Porous materials may include TPE, polyvinyl chloride or PVC, jelly and rubber.

                How to clean your sex toy

                After knowing the material of your toy, cleaning them is now easy. To help you out in keeping your toy clean and always in good shape, consider these few methods below.

                Boil a sex toy

                As a general rule, any adult toys that are non-motorized and made from silicone, stainless steel or pyrex can be submerged in boiling water for a few minutes.

                However, if it contains a removable motor, it should be taken out first. Then submerge your toy in hot water to sterilise.

                Wash with fragrance-free soap and warm water

                Before you submerge an adult toy in water, you have to check whether they’re waterproof or not. This is necessary since not all sex toys are water-resistant.

                If your pleasure toy is waterproof, then they’re safe to submerge in water. On the other hand, sex toys that are not water-resistant can still be washed with fragrance-free soap and warm water. But you have to be very careful in cleaning them to avoid any possible damage. To do this, always make sure that the water doesn’t seep into the electronic parts of your device.

                Use a toy cleaner

                Using a toy cleaner is a quick and discreet way of disinfecting your pleasure toy. Aside from that, it is considered one of the safest methods. This is because it will not damage the sex toy materials.

                Toy cleaner is commonly used on motorised toys. But remember to remove the battery of your toy before sanitising them with toy cleaner.

                The initial step is to spray the anti-bacterial cleaner directly on your toy. Then, let it sit for a few seconds. Afterwards, rinse them with lukewarm water. And finally, dry it using a clean towel.

                How should you store your sex toys?

                Once your toy is squeaky clean and dry, place them in good sex toy storage. This is to keep them clean while they’re not in use.

                Whatever toy you have, tossing them into a bedside drawer is not recommended. Your toy might be exposed to bacteria and airborne pollutants when you put them in a drawer.

                Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to place your toy in a cloth bag or in a storage box. But make sure to get a discreet one. Apart from that, getting a bag or box that offers more room for sex toy collection and accessories is an ideal option.

                Additionally, before investing in a storage box or bag, you’ll need to be sure if it matches your needs. Make sure that it will fit the length of your toy because many storage bags and boxes can only accommodate toys that are 7–8 inches long.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s toy care products

                • Safe for your toy

                The Sex Garden’s toy care products don’t contain harmful ingredients. Hence, all products in this collection are safe to use. You can use them whenever you want since they will not damage your toy.

                • Budget-friendly

                If you need a toy cleaner that will suit your budget, this is the best place to shop. You’ll surely get the quality products you need at a lower price.

                What’s next?

                Do you want to enjoy your next erotic play with a sex toy, but still worried about your safety? Grab the best toy cleaner in this collection today! It will definitely make your toy clean and last for years. Hurry! Check out these amazing products now!

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