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                BDSM is one of the most adventurous, exciting and intimate sexual activities. It is usually enjoyed by adventurous couples who want to try something new in bed. Most of them find it more fun especially when they used fetish products. These kink products are typically meant to make their whole experience unforgettable.

                Nowadays, there are many available fetish toys out there. If you’re interested, this collection can offer you the best kink products that you can try. Also, reading this information below can help you to get started.

                About fetishism and fetish

                Sexual fetishism or fetishism is a type of sexual deviance. An individual with fetishism usually gets aroused in non-sexual objects such as floggers, paddles, ball gags and the like. These objects are just a few examples of fetish toys. Clothing items and body parts such as hair and feet are also some of the most common fetishes.

                On the other hand, fetish refers to the object of interest of people with fetishism. People with extreme fetishes, find it hard to achieve climax without their fetish toys.

                Can fetish be harmful?

                Some theories explained that fetish is a result of sexual trauma. However, it is not always the case. This is because a lot of people have fetishes and exploring them is absolutely healthy. In fact, a psychiatric group states that those people with unusual sexual interests don’t have a mental illness.

                Sex should not be physically and mentally painful. Hence, if a certain sexual fetish is upsetting and uncomfortable that sometimes leads to distress, that’s the time you need to seek the help of a health professional.

                Fetish toys

                With a lot of fetish products available nowadays, getting started is quite intimidating. For your guide, below are a few fetish toys to try out.


                It is a piece of fabric that is used to block one’s sight. It is secured around the head and placed over the eyes. It helps to maximize sensual experience during sex play. This is because once you restrict the sense of sight, the remaining senses such as taste, smell, touch and hearing will become stronger.

                Blindfolding is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to start your exploration with BDSM. Aside from that, using a blindfold during your bedtime play is incredibly safe. But before you try blindfolding, you just have to keep in mind that it requires strong communication and trust between partners.

                Ball gag

                This fetish toy features a ball that fits in the mouth. This pleasure toy is typically secured around the head with a strap. Its ball varies in size. Moreover, certain ball gag features hollow balls. It allows the user to breathe through their mouth while wearing it.

                Using a ball gag is a great way to intensify your intimate scene even without invoking pain. If you want to incorporate this toy during sexual activity, try it first for solo play. In that way, you’ll be more familiar with this toy. You can also come up with a safe word signal as a way of communication with your partner.

                Nipple clamps

                This adult toy is used to make the nipples erect by restricting the blood flow in it. One of the highly-sensitive erogenous zones is the nipple. That is the reason why most women often used nipple clamps to increase arousal.


                This adult toy has two flat sides with a handle. The common type of material used for this toy is wood or leather. This fetish toy is used to spank a partner to enhance sensation and pleasure. Moreover, spanking can be a fun and safe activity as long as you hit your lover on the safe part of their body such as butt and thighs.


                This is a beginner toy used to whip a partner during a BDSM scene. It consists of tails that are usually attached to a rigid handle. Its tail can be made from rubber, horsehair or leather.

                To get familiar with the sensation, you can practice using this toy on your own skin first. And to ensure safety, avoid using this toy near the genitals or face.

                How to explore a fetish?

                If you want to try those fetish items mentioned above, below are some tips on how to explore them.


                If you want to master handling a fetish toy such as flogger, several kink videos are available on the internet. Watching those videos will help you understand how to safely explore these fetish items. Typically, fetish videos can serve as your guide to make your adventure more fun and pleasurable.


                There are certain books specifically written to educate people with fetishes. Reading these books can be your kink manual. A specific book that is considered a well-rounded fetish guide is written by Tristan Taormino. This is entitled “The Ultimate Guide to Kink”.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s fetish products?

                • Huge selection of fetish items

                The Sex Garden offers a huge variety of fetish toys that are guaranteed to make your kink experience as pleasurable as you want it to be. They also cater to assorted choices both for beginners and expert users.

                • High-quality products

                The Sex Garden ensures that you will always get the high-quality products you need for your sexual exploration.

                What’s next?

                If you want to try out something new in bed with your partner, browse this collection now. Take a look at these fetish items and intensify your experience by trying these toys. What are you waiting for? Enjoy a night of kink adventure with these amazing items!

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