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                Being prepared for your next sexual encounter means you have to carry condoms and dams with you. Probably, this is one way of keeping yourself safe. If you have it before your love making, then you can feel relaxed because you are being protected. Thus, you can just focus on having fun with your partner.

                With The Sex Garden’s collection of condoms and dams, you will be given the best protection for your sexual activity. They provide you with high quality of condoms and dams to keep you always on the go.

                If you want to try condoms and dams, then reading here can guide you in purchasing one.

                What are condoms?

                Condom is known for being thin, fitted tube that man wears over his penis during sex. Many people use condom to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. While it is inserted in the penis, it serves as a barrier that keeps semen and other body fluids out of the vagina, rectum, or mouth.

                What are dams?

                Dams or dental dams are very thin pieces of latex in a rectangular shape. Originally, this is used in dental work. But nowadays, dams are also used when engaging with various sexual activities with partners. These include vaginal, oral sex and even anal sex.

                How to use condoms correctly

                1. Check the expiration date fist before using.
                2. When opening the packaging, make sure you don’t tear or rip the condom.
                3. Be sure to use a condom that is not damage. This will keep you safe during sex.
                4. You can hold the rim of the condom using your one hand. Then pinch the tip of the condom using your thumb and finger.
                5. Roll the condom down the penis. Make sure that the rim is on the outside. However, if this rim is not rolling correctly, just remove and throw it away.
                6. If you want to reduce friction, apply a few drops of water-based lube.
                7. After orgasm or ejaculation, the condom must be pulled out of your partner’s body while the penis is still erect.
                8. Hold the condom in place using one hand while you pull out. This is to prevent the semen or body fluid to spill out.

                How to use dams correctly

                1. Carefully open the dental dam’s package. Never open it using scissors or tear it with your teeth because it might rip the dam.
                2. Unfold the dam. Check for any holes or damage. Using a damaged dam can make it less effective.
                3. Use lubes on the dam by laying it across the vaginal or anal area. By using lubes, dam will hold in place during your sexual activity. Keeping the dam in place is necessary to prevent it from slipping too much.
                4. After using dental dam for oral sex, fold and throw it away.

                What if condom breaks

                If your condom breaks, here are some simple things you can do:


                • remove the condom immediately
                • remove the semen
                • avoid washing your vagina or anus from inside. This can further cause irritation and spread of infection.
                • Take emergency contraception such as pills to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
                • Ask for advice from your health professional after having unprotected sex.

                Types of male condoms

                • Latex, plastic or lambskin

                Latex condoms are the most commonly used type nowadays. For those who are allergic to this material, they can use plastic or polyurethane one. Either plastic or latex, both protect you from STDs during any kind of sex. In addition, lambskin condoms are another type of condom. They are made from the material that comes from lamb intestine.

                • Lubricated

                As its name implies, this is a condom with a thin coating of lube. The lube helps in preventing pain and irritation during sex. It can even help prevent the condom from breaking. Basically, water-based lube is used in this type of condom.

                • Spermicide

                This type of condom is pre-coated with spermicide. The spermicide in it kills the sperm. Thus, this can lower the risk of pregnancy. Moreover, if you want extra protection, you can get a separate sperm-killing product.

                • Textured condoms

                If you are looking for something that can boost pleasure, then this type of condom is for you. Usually, it has a rib and studded features to make your sex more fascinating.

                Why choose condoms and dams products

                • Tested products

                Most of the products in this collection are well-tested by the manufacturers. This is to verify the quality and strength of their condoms and dams.

                • Comes in discreet packaging

                Here in The Sex Garden’s collection of condoms and dams, they provide their customers with products with good packaging to ensure product safety.

                • Affordable

                The Sex Garden always make sure that they offer their consumers with high-quality products at an affordable price.

                What’s next?

                Do you want to maximise pleasure in bed? Listed here is a wide range of durable products that you can try. Hurry! Make your erotic experience more exciting with these condoms and dams. Grab their ultimate products now.

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