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                Penis extensions are adult toys that are placed over the penis. Originally, it was developed for medical purposes. They are used to aid those people with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. But now, it is widely used to increase the length and girth of the penis for deeper penetration and to experience more pleasurable sex.

                Other names for penis extensions include penis sleeve, penis extender or cock sleeve. To be more familiar with this adult toy, read on below.

                Types of penis extensions

                Penis extensions vary in sizes, shapes, and materials. Certain types that are worth discussing before your first purchase are the following:

                1. Silicone penis extensions

                Silicone type of material is known to be soft and firm. With these characteristics, a silicone penis extension can provide the sensation of a real penis. Apart from that, these adult toys are hygienic and easy to clean since silicone is also a non-porous type of material.

                2. Rubber penis extensions

                Penis extension that is made from rubber or latex material is another option. This type of adult toy typically comes with a ball sheath to nicely fit your penis.

                3. Vibrating penis extensions

                The vibrating feature of this type of sex toy provides additional sensation for both couples. Usually, a vibrating bullet is included to provide extra fun.

                4. Penis head sleeve

                It is a pleasure toy that is used to increase the size of the penis head. This toy is easy to use. You just have to place this extension into the penis head, then that’s it. You can now enjoy the fun of using this toy with your lover.

                5. Open-ended penis extensions

                Some men might be blessed with the length of their penis. But the size of their girth sometimes remains an issue to them. If that is the case, you can opt for an open-ended type of penis extension to widen the diameter of your penis.

                Amazing benefits of using penis extensions

                Aside from keeping you safe during sex, penis extensions can also give a lot of benefits. Below are just a few amazing benefits of using this adult toy.

                • Enhance self-confidence

                If your penis is quite small, there is no doubt that increasing its length will probably change the way you view your sex life. By using penis extensions, you will be more confident during your erotic scene.

                • Provide extra stimulation

                As mentioned above, the added length for the penis can definitely give extra pleasure and stimulation for your partner. Moreover, the friction caused by a tight sleeve on the penis can provide added sensation for the user. As a result, dual pleasure and fun is possible.

                • Helps to regain your libido or sex drive

                Penis extension is not just for safe sex. It is also a useful device that can take charge of your sex life. Many men believed that the size of their penis can be a hindrance to enjoy sex. But with the help of this pleasure toy, men can build the confidence they really need.

                Things to consider in purchasing penis extensions

                Before you enjoy the benefits of using this adult toy, you must purchase one for you to try out. Below are a few factors that you have to consider in purchasing.

                • Size

                When choosing the size of the penis extension, one of the most important things to consider is the needs of your partner and not your personal needs. Why? This is because your partner is the one that often feels the benefits of using this adult toy in bed.

                • Comfort

                When purchasing a penis extension, the level of comfort that this toy can offer must also be considered. It is necessary since the penis is one of the most delicate parts of a man’s body. Anything that you put in your penis should be comfortable to use to keep you always safe. To avoid discomfort, silicone type of penis extension is the ideal choice for you.

                • Sensations

                Penis extensions can sometimes cause less sexual gratification. To overcome this, you can opt for a penis sleeve that is specifically designed to provide greater satisfaction. These include textured penis sleeve and those that vibrate. Several types also have a textured surface on the outside. This is to provide better stimulation for your partner.

                • Materials

                Silicone remains the best material to be used not just for penis extensions but also for other sex toys. Since they are non-porous and body-safe, this type of material will ensure your safety.

                Why should you try The Sex Garden's penis extensions 

                • Budget-friendly products

                If you have a little budget for sex aids, this is the right place to shop. Affordable sleeves or extensions are available in this collection to meet your needs and desires.

                • High-quality products

                The Sex Garden only offers high-quality products for you to try. Hurry and get a chance to try it now!

                • Wide array of choices

                With a lot of options available for extensions, choosing the best one is quite intimidating. Good thing, The Sex Garden has a wide variety of choices to get the product of your choice. Once you purchase in this collection, it will surely give you the best experience ever.

                What’s next?

                Now that you’re aware of the types, benefits and the things to consider in buying penis extensions, for sure you’re now interested to try it out. Available in this collection are some of the effective, safe and certified penis extensions that you can start with. Feel free to browse here for more of their products!

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