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                Sex toys are tools that are designed to stimulate you during masturbation or sexual intercourse. With the wide selection of sex toys nowadays, picking a good one can be overwhelming. When choosing your first adult toy, it takes trial and error to discover what feels good for you.

                Luckily, you do not have to awkwardly roam around a sex toy shop to find your best sex toy. With online sex toy shops like The Sex Garden, it is now easy to browse privately. Manufacturers can also ship it discreetly so that no one knows your business.

                To help you out, here is a basic guide especially for beginners. Read more below.

                What to consider when you buy a sex toy

                • Check the “body-safe” label

                Make sure to take some precautions when it comes to choosing a sex toy. Always remember to pick a sex toy that is made from body-safe materials. These include adult toys that are made of non-porous silicone, glass and wood.

                There are plenty of counterfeits in the market today claiming that their products are real body-safe. Thus, it is important to do a bit of extra research to make sure that it is really body-safe.

                • Take your time to decide

                For novices, do not feel rushed to settle on any toy you see. For sure, there are some well-known models to try on. But it is important to ask yourself what you really like.

                You should determine which type you want to try. Do you want a sex toy for G-spot, butt plug or suction vibrator? For instance, when selecting a vibrator, you must think about whether you want to get pleasure from stimulation on the G-spot, clitoris or somewhere else. In that way, your choices will be narrowed down.

                Before choosing, make sure to think about what excites you. But when you encounter some sex toys that are intriguing, feel free to go and explore it. Do not be afraid to try and experiment with different sensations and urges.

                • It doesn’t have to look like a dick

                When it comes to sex toys, some may assume that it has to be a penis-like tool. The truth is, there are a lot of design-centric adult toys in the market today that doesn’t resemble a real penis. These sex toys are usually designed with anatomy in mind. It is also intended in such a way that it will be more comfortable for the wearer.

                • Get a good lube

                You will always need a good lube when you talk about sex toys. Personal lubricants are a must whether you are a beginner or sex toy expert. Lubes are used to decrease friction during lovemaking. It also makes penetration smoother and more enjoyable.

                It is recommended to use water-based lube. This type of lube won’t interfere with the material in your sex toy. As a “rule of thumb”, you must not use silicone-based lube on silicone toys since it can damage your toy.

                • What’s the budget

                You don’t need to break the bank when buying your first sex toy. For beginners, it is advised to go for something cheaper rather than buying an expensive one and end up not liking it. It is also a good idea to purchase different affordable toys to have more freedom to experiment.

                • Consider the material

                There are generally 6 basic materials from which sex toys are made. These are wood, glass, metal, hard plastic, silicone and jelly (rubber and PVC). Each material has its own advantages depending on your preferences.

                Why should you choose sex toys products

                • Good quality products

                To make the most of your sex toy experience, The Sex Garden ensures that their collection of adult toys have excellent quality. All their products are made from body-safe materials.

                • Diverse choices

                The Sex Garden can provide you with all sorts of sex toys such as dildos, vibrators, cock rings and many more. It is also available in different shapes and sizes to cater to different body types.

                • Innovative products

                Do you want to try innovative sex toy products like remote-controlled vibrators, 3 in 1 sex toys and many more? This is the right place for you! The Sex Garden provides innovative products for single people and couples out there!

                What to do next

                Finding the right sex toy will always depend on your preferred pleasure. Good thing, The Sex Garden put together the most innovative sex toys in the market today. In this way, it will be easier for you to decide which one will bring pleasure to your erotic routine.

                For those who are still looking for a good sex toy, why not check out this collection! You will surely find a great product for your sex routine! Browse for more adult toys here!

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