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                Glass is now a popular sex toy material choice for couples. Glass is known to be easy to clean, body-safe and perfect to use for temperature play.

                Having a glass sex toy seems to be a luxury. But for some people, this type of sex toy is something that they worry about. This is because it has the chance to break off into pieces inside your body while using it. This is true especially if the glass adult toy is poorly made.

                To educate you about this sex toy material, here is a quick overview for beginners.

                What is a glass sex toy?

                Glass sex toy is an adult toy that is completely made from glass. It is strong and long-lasting. You can make this toy hot or cold to experience different sensations. Since they are made from glass, they are usually hard and rigid. This is what most couples like about this type of adult toy.

                Glass dildo

                This type of sex toy is great for couples who want to try out new sensations. This toy feels different from typical silicone sex toys. It is usually made from body-safe and durable glass. When it is taken care of properly, glass dildo can last for a long time. Glass dildos are available in various shapes and sizes with different colours and textures.

                Glass anal sex toy

                Glass anal sex toys are designed for anal stimulation. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic and safe for people with sensitive skin. Some couples prefer the sensation and texture of glass compared to rubber and silicone sex toys. This is because it is temperature-sensitive.

                This type of adult toy is also phthalate-free and can be easily sterilised. On top of that, the smoothness of glass makes it easier for the toy to be inserted into the anus.

                Glass Ben Wa balls

                Glass Ben Wa balls are used to increase your pleasure during sex. The weight and size of glass Ben Wa Balls are also perfect for vaginal exercise and stimulation. When used regularly, you can enjoy better vaginal muscle control and stronger orgasm.

                Are glass sex toys safe?

                Glass pleasure toys are essentially safe to use. Just make sure that you purchase your glass sex toy from a trusted company and brand. Never choose a poorly-made glass toys since they can be dangerous to use. Read on below for the things to consider to avoid accidents with glass sex toys.

                • Dropping the product

                Even a well-crafted glass toy will break if you’ve dropped it. Thus, it is important to always handle your glass toy with care. If you see any defects or cracks in the product, then it is better not to use it.

                • Weak points

                Glass toys with very thin sections or parts should be avoided. This section has a high risk of breaking especially if you go for a hard fuck session.

                • Temperature play

                If you want to try temperature play, avoid the soda-lime type of glass. You can warm or cool it slightly. But it is not long-lasting. It can even end up cracking if you heat up or cool it for too long.

                It is important to know that the type of glass used for this sex toy is different from what other people imagine. Instead of a fragile and easy to break glass, this adult toy is made with borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is typically used for oven dishes and bakeware. Pyrex is a famous brand for this type of glass. They are solid rather than hollow. This makes them shatter-resistant and heavier to hold.

                Furthermore, you should avoid glass sex toys that are painted or coated in shiny lustre. This can be pleasing to the eyes of the user. But using this could be quite scary since it contains toxins such as mercury and arsenic that can be harmful to the body.

                Cleaning tips for glass sex toy

                Glass adult toys are known to be non-porous. Thus, it is not permeable by air, bodily fluids, water, lube or other impurities. Furthermore, this means that they are easy to clean.

                Since glass can endure extreme temperatures, you can just sanitise them in the dishwasher after your intimate play. You can also use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner with hot water.

                Why should you try The Sex Garden Glass collection?

                • Made from high-quality materials

                The Sex Garden guarantees to provide high-quality products for couples. They are also dedicated to deliver outstanding customer service to their clients.

                • Wide selection of glass products

                Are you searching for a certain type of glass sex toy? Good thing, The Sex Garden provides a wide selection of products to suit your personal needs.

                What’s next?

                A lot of people nowadays love to use glass sex toys. Having your own glass toy can be a great add-on to your collection. Hurry and get the chance to try out this amazing and gorgeous pleasure toy! Check out these products from The Sex Garden collection today!

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