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                If you are one of those people who are in a tight budget, then gift packs are perfect for you. The Sex Garden gathered some of their all-time favourite gift packs. These include skin care products, condoms and masturbation sleeves.

                The Sex Garden’s masturbation sleeve gift packs are men’s top choice. This is because the package already contains masturbation sleeves, toy cleaner and personal lube. You will get more than you want from their gift packs.

                Since masturbation sleeve gift packs are available here, below is a quick overview of these products. Read more below.

                Reasons why you masturbate

                To familiarise with masturbation, here are some reasons why men masturbate.


                • Help avoid premature ejaculation – Masturbating can help you become more aware of your body’s responses during solo play. Thus, you can control them well during partnered play.
                • Reduces the chance of developing prostate cancer – Masturbating releases seminal fluid from the prostate. This seminal fluid must be flushed out to avoid genital pain, symptoms of erectile dysfunction, night-time urination and prostate cancer.
                • Easy and enjoyable way to decrease stress and tension – One of the benefits of orgasms is the release of endorphins.

                Guide to masturbation sleeves

                Masturbation sleeves are designed to enhance the stimulation that you get from you or your partner’s hand. Some men also used this toy with added textures, supple materials and stimulating suction. Although it is named as “masturbation sleeves”, it can definitely be enjoyed solo or with a partner.

                Having a good masturbation sleeve is a great addition to your erotic routine. But the real question is, how do you choose the best one for you? Here is a guide for you.

                • Your budget

                Nowadays, there is already a vast range of masturbation sleeves available for men. These sex toys can cost $10 to $149 depending on the design and material used. It is up to you if you want to invest in luxury masturbation sleeves or just go with an affordable one.

                • Texture

                Masturbation sleeve comes in various textures. It includes bumps, ridges and intense textures within sleeves. If you are still unsure of what texture you want, you can start with a smooth surface first. Then try to figure out which you prefer.

                • Pick the right size

                Choosing the right size can be difficult especially for beginners. That is why most masturbation sleeves are made in several sizes and shapes.

                When using a sleeve for the first time, it is vital to check if it is not very tight. Wearing an extremely snug sleeve can be risky. If you experience this, try to find a different size for your penis. The sleeve should always be comfortable to wear.

                • Go for extra deals

                There are some brands of masturbation sleeves that offer special deals or gift packs to their costumers. Usually, these gift packs contain extra products to add value to your purchase.

                These extra deals may include toy cleaners, lubricants, adult DVD, collectible items, signed pictures of an adult porn star and many more. There are also some products that are specifically designed based on the orifices of a famous adult star. It depends on your personal preferences whether you take advantage of these offers.

                • Design

                There are some masturbation sleeves with very vulgar design. They may be created to look like an anal entrance, vaginal entrance or even a woman’s mouth or lips.

                But if you want your sleeve to be as discreet as possible, there are certain brands that can provide you with small and portable designs. These sleeves are usually travel-friendly and can be brought anywhere you want.

                • Vibration options

                For others, having a vibration option on their masturbation sleeve is an absolute turn-on. That’s why there are now available sleeves with powerful vibrating options.

                Using penis sleeves with vibrations are perfect for solo play. This can also add extra sensation and texture for single people out there.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden's gift packs?

                • Reasonably Priced items

                The Sex Garden provides affordable gift packs from this collection. They make sure that you will get value for your money whether you’re a beginner or a sex toy expert.

                • Enticing products

                Are you looking for products that will fulfil your erotic desires? You are surely in the right place. The Sex Garden collection of gift parts is designed to be tantalising for couples and even for single people.

                What to do next?

                Once you already decided to get your own masturbation sleeve, why not give these gift packs a try. You will certainly get more products for your anticipated bedtime sessions.

                If you are a sex toy novice, then The Sex Garden’s collection of gift packs is a great start off! They can provide products according to your erotic needs. Check out more of their items here!

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