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                Sex is undeniably one of the best things in a couple’s life. However, most of them may encounter a slight problem. These are STIs. STIs are diseases that are acquired through sexual contact. People who are not protected during sex are at higher risk of getting this infection. With that, condoms are needed.

                Condoms are considered the world’s most common form of contraceptives. If you want to learn more about condoms, here is a short overview for you.

                What is a condom?

                Condom is a sheath-shaped pouch that keeps the sperm from getting into the vagina during sexual intercourse. It is used to reduce the probability of pregnancy and getting STIs.

                Nowadays, there are male and female condoms available. Basically, a male condom is used by men on their penis. It is usually made of thin materials so that you can still focus on your pleasure while wearing them.

                Contrarily, there are also condoms that are used by females. These are usually inserted into the vagina. They often have 2 parts. First is the closed end. This part is typically inserted into the vagina. The other one is open. It has a flexible ring that rests outside the opening of the vagina.

                Types of condoms according to what it is made of

                Latex condoms

                When it comes to condoms, latex is one of the safest options. It generally protects you against unplanned pregnancy and STDs.

                However, be reminded that latex condoms tend to become weak when exposed to oil-based lubes. Hence, you must avoid this type of lube. It is better to invest in a water-based lube since they are safe with latex products.

                Animal skin (lambskin) condoms

                This type of condom is made from animal skin specifically the intestinal membrane of a lamb. If you are searching for a condom that can provide a natural feeling, this one is for you. This is also a great choice if you think that condoms can desensitize sex.

                Nevertheless, you have to be cautious with lambskin. They usually have very tiny pores. These make them ineffective in protecting against STIs. Though you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant as these pores are too little for the sperm to pass through.

                Plastic or Polyurethane condoms

                Polyurethane is known for its strength. Based on studies, they are proven as an effective protection against HIV. Plastic condoms are more resilient to deterioration than other types of condoms. They also provide a less constricting fit to the wearer.

                Special forms of condoms Sensitive condoms

                This type of condom is designed to be thinner than the others. With sensitive condoms, you can get more sensation from penetration. It even feels like wearing nothing. However, this condom is prone to tearing and ripping. Thus, it is important to cut your nails short when you put them on.

                Ribbed condoms

                This condom is nearly the same as latex condoms. However, this is a special type of condom because it gives added sensation. It has a ribbed texture that offers a little tickle feeling to your partner.

                Lubricated condoms

                This type of condom also provides the same protection like latex condoms. It protects you from getting pregnant and acquiring STDs. The only difference is that it is already lubricated.

                Flavoured condoms

                Flavoured condoms are intended to be used during oral sex. It has flavoured coatings to conceal the taste of latex condoms. As a result, oral sex can be more pleasurable and satisfying.

                Tips for proper condom use


                • Before anything else, always check if the condom is not yet expired. On top of that, never use a condom that is already damaged or ripped. Before wearing, see if there are any obvious dents like tiny holes or stiffness.
                • Always use a condom that fits you right.
                • Condoms are for one-time use only. If you are switching from oral sex to vaginal penetration, it is vital to get a new condom.
                • Make sure to use lubricants that are safe for your condoms.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s Condoms

                • Safe to use

                All products from The Sex Garden are guaranteed to be safe. They make sure that their customers only get exceptional items. They are also made from high-quality materials.
                • Wide variety of options

                Whatever type of condom you want, The Sex Garden can provide it for you. Just browse their collection here and choose the ideal one for you.

                What to do next

                To keep you protected from unplanned pregnancy, make sure to grab your own condom. If you are interested to give it a try, feel free to check this condom collection from The Sex Garden. You can shop on their wide array of affordable items here. Click here to see more.

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