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                If you want to experience a whole new level of erotic fun, a wand massager can be a perfect toy for you. Basically, this toy can be a massager and a vibrator at the same time. When it comes to vibrator, they are very popular because of their intense and powerful vibrations.

                If you are one of those people who are curious about this sex toy, then this is the right guide for you. Read on here to learn more about wand massager.

                What is a wand massager?

                A wand massager or vibrator is a large vibrating tool with a cushioned head and flexible neck. This sex toy usually emits deep vibrations. Wand massager or vibrator is widely known as “magic wand”.

                Among the first wand massager is the infamous Hitachi Wand Massager. It was created by Hitachi in 1968. It was originally designed to be a muscle massager. However, a sex educator discovered that it can be used as a suitable device for masturbation.

                Wand massager was not popular until it was featured in the sitcom “Sex and the City”. Its popularity blasted and wand massagers were even sold out that time.

                Main features

                A wand massager is usually loud especially when it is mains-powered. Contrarily, rechargeable ones are more quiet, smaller and lighter. They are also not as powerful compared to the mains-powered wand. This toy is mainly used to stimulate the clitoris.

                Ways to use a wand massager

                For massage

                One of the most simple and obvious uses of wand is a massager. After long hours of work, you can just pop up your massager and use it on your calves, thighs and lower back.

                Penile stimulation

                Another way of using wand is through penile stimulation. Just use it all over your penis until you cum. However, there is no guarantee that it will give you an orgasm.

                Use it in the Frenulum

                The frenulum or banjo string is the part of the penis that secures the foreskin to the glans. It is a stretchy bit of skin that allows the glans to contract freely. A lot of men are able to achieve orgasm by stimulating this part. This can be done by placing the head of the wand on the underside of the penis. Then turn on the wand and let the magic happen.

                Different types of wand vibes

                Wireless wand vibes

                Like other standard vibrators, this type of wand is designed to be wireless and rechargeable. It is one of the easiest to use vibrators. Since it is simple to use, it is frequently used by most beginners.

                Electrical wand vibes

                This is like the original Hitachi massagers. They are corded wands that provide powerful vibrations. This type of wand is less hassle to use since you don’t have to charge it.

                However, you have to be near a power plug to use it.

                Waterproof wand vibes

                If you want to bring the fun in the tub, this is the ideal wand for you. Waterproof wands can be completely submerged in water. So you can used them to explore and experience underwater erotic fun. Moreover, this type of wand is mostly battery-operated.

                Wand attachments

                For extra fun in bed, you will need some wand attachments. These attachments can add a unique flavour to your wand experience.

                • Male wand attachments

                Apart from being a clitoral stimulator for women, wand vibrators can also be used to stimulate men’s balls, penis and nipples. Although it might not be as satisfying as other sex toys, it will surely give a different pleasure to men.

                • Female wand attachments

                If you want to increase sensation, female wand attachments can be used. They are designed for advanced or expert wand vibrator users. Certain female wand attachments include an ergonomic dildo that can send chills throughout your body.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden Wands

                • Affordable

                Thinking of buying a wand vibrator but you’re out of budget? Then here’s a deal for you! The Sex Garden’s collection of wands is a great starting point for couples and single people who are on a tight budget.

                • Quality products

                These products are made with quality in mind. The Sex Garden guarantees to provide you with amazing items without compromising their quality.

                What to do next

                Explore the wonderful world of wand vibrators! Use these “magic wands” to make your night-time routine intense and exciting! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and browse The Sex Garden’s collection of wands! Hurry and order your wand massager here today!

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