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                One of the best intimate sex toys in the market today is the Vedo brand. They develop high quality adult toys that may help couples to achieve their ultimate sexual experience.

                Basically, their sex toys are designed to deliver high performance. Apart from the product quality, they also make sure that their sex toys remain environmentally friendly and body safe.

                Since Vedo specialises in producing quality vibrator, it is vital to understand more about this particular toy. Below are the things you must know about vibrators.

                Everything you need to know about vibrators

                Do you want to experience the pleasure of using vibrators in your sex life? Then here are some of the questions you have to ask before purchasing your own vibrator.

                • Are Vibrators only for women?

                Vibrators are not just for women. Even man finds vibrator as a sex toy that brings satisfaction in bed. Therefore, this sex toy is for those who are interested in discovering new ways to feel sexual pleasure.

                • Are vibrators for vaginal stimulation use only?

                Most of the vibrators nowadays are designed for clitoral, anal and vaginal stimulations. Thus, using a vibrator is not for vaginal stimulations only.

                • Are there any side effects when using vibrators?

                Using vibrator is the most effective way for a woman to get aroused. It also brings enjoyment, orgasm and pleasure for its users. Side effect associated with the vibrator is very rare.

                • How can I purchase my first ever vibrator?

                Purchasing your first ever vibrator can be intimidating, especially when you don’t have any idea of using it. Have some research on where to purchase quality and safe sex toys particularly the vibrator. You also have to decide on what stimulation you want. Then go for the one that can turn you on and sparks your imagination.

                For beginners, it is also essential to check the materials of the sex toy before purchasing it. With proper checking of materials, you will make sure that the toy is safe to use.

                How to choose the right vibrator for you?

                When choosing a vibrator, there are a couple of vital factors to take into consideration. Read on here.


                One of the factors to consider when it comes to choosing a vibrator is its power. When you are currently struggling to orgasm during sex or masturbation, use a Vedo vibe that is powerful enough to give you intense stimulation.

                Most cheap vibrators sometimes don’t deliver much stimulation. So it is better to avoid choosing it.

                Modes and setting

                Modes and setting are important things to consider before purchasing a brand new vibe. Vedo vibrators have adjustable features for you to choose the intensity of vibration that you want.

                Furthermore, some vibrators can be set to deliver cycles of intensity. These vibrators automatically change the intensity of its vibration. Thus, making you feel pulses or waves of vibration that are more pleasurable than those with the same continuous power.


                The shape of the vibrator is very important for many women particularly for those who are interested in clitoral stimulation. For stimulating the clit, the best vibe to use is the curve vibrator.

                Fortunately, the Vedo vibrators have variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. Some vibrator looks like small capsule, some are penis shaped, while the others have bumps and curves. You have to find the right shape that will best suit your sexual needs.


                Avoid using a noisy and loud vibrator because it may distract people near you if you are living with others. It is suggested to choose the quiet one.

                Why should you choose Vedo vibrator?

                Made from 100% silicone materials

                Vedo products are made from high quality silicone. Most of their products are also made with a seamless finish. Aside from that, their vibrators are pliable and durable. Basically, they use silicone materials because it is the ideal choice for those who have latex sensitivities.


                Vedo products are phthalates-free. This means that their vibrators are safe to use even for women with sensitive skin.


                Vedo products are compliant with the RoHS. RoHS means Restriction of Hazardous Substances. The directive of RoHS came from the European Union. It restricts the use of hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and other materials that can harm people. Since Vedo sex toys comply with RoHS, all their products are safe to use.

                What’s next?

                Do you want to intensify your experience and pleasure in bed? Choose your Vedo products now! You will surely love the silky smooth and easy out touch button of their vibrators. Check out here from their collection of Vedo products.

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