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                Personal lubricants are used to help make any sexual act more pleasurable. Lubes can also reduce friction between your skin and other objects, person or body part. Most couples use lube to reduce chafing, pain and uncomfortable rubbing during sex.

                To help you, here is a collection of personal lubes for single persons and couples alike! It will now be easier to pick the ideal one for your specific erotic activity.

                Take a look at this personal lube collection! You can also read the guide below to learn more about personal lubricants.

                Lubricants that your body produces

                There are a lot of fluids that your body produces. These fluids can act as lubrication. Listed below are some of them.

                • Menstrual blood – this can be used as a lubricant, especially during masturbation or sex. Before using this, make sure you are at the beginning of your cycle.
                • Cervical fluid – your body will produce this fluid particularly around the time of ovulation. It will give you a more slippery glide during sex. Just remember that having unprotected sex during the time of ovulation has higher chances of pregnancy.
                • Vaginal and arousal fluid – this is produced to help moisten and lubricate your vagina. To produce enough arousal fluids, make sure to have enough time for foreplay.
                • Saliva – using your saliva to masturbate may actually protect you against the development of vulvovaginal candida.

                Reasons to use lube

                Lubes are used by many people for various reasons. It can be a great addition during sexual intercourse. Post-menopausal women who are suffering from vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex are advised to use lubes. Aside from that, lubes can also be helpful to women who experience vaginal dryness due to stress, depression, those breastfeeding women, etc.

                Pros and Cons of different types of lube

                Water-based lubricants

                Pros: This type of lube is widely available today. It can be used for different sexual acts like penetrative sex, masturbation and sex toy play. It is safe to use with almost all types of sex toys and latex condoms. It is also easy to rinse with soap and water.

                Cons: water-based lubes tend to evaporate or dry up faster than other types. Thus, frequent reapplication is needed. This lube is also not ideal to use if you’re having sex in the shower.

                Oil-based lubricants

                Pros: This lube is a good choice for women with sensitive skin. It is perfect to use during sex in the water. Moreover, it is naturally moisturising. It can last longer than other types of lubricants. This lube is also used if your partner wants a sensual massage.

                Cons: Oil-based lubes can’t be used with latex condoms. This is because oil can degrade the latex. There are also certain oils such as baby oils and petroleum jelly that can increase the risk of vaginal or urinary infections. Furthermore, oil can stain your sheets during lovemaking.

                Silicone-based lubricants

                Pros: Silicone-based lube is the most slippery among all types of lubes. Since it is slippery, it is perfect to use during non-vaginal intercourse. Additionally, it is safe to use with latex condoms. It can also be used during sex play in the shower. Compared to water-based lube, it doesn’t dry up easily. Thus, it is ideal for longer erotic sessions.

                Cons: This lube can damage silicone sex toys. The lube also tends to solidify when used on silicone toys. Moreover, it can leave a sticky residue on your body even after washing it off.

                Lubes for anal sex

                Unlike the vagina, your anus does not produce natural lubrication. Aside from that, the tight muscular sphincter at the entrance of the anus is more resistant than the vagina. Thus, personal lubrication during anal sex is recommended for easier penetration. Using a compatible lube can also make anal sex safer for you and your partner.

                How much lube should you use

                There are no specific rules on how much lube must be used. When it comes to lube, the best thing to do is to explore and experiment. This is to know how it feels for both of you. For those who are trying a new bottle of lube, start with a small amount first. Gently apply it to the desired area using the fingertips. If you want extra lubrication, feel free to add more.

                There are lubes that can be used as massage gels. Hence, it will be a good idea to give your partner a slow sensual massage. This can get them into the mood and stimulate their senses even further.

                Why should you choose personal lubricants

                • Safe to use

                The Sex Garden’s personal lubes are proven safe and effective for men and women. If you have sensitive skin, they can also provide lubes that are specifically made for you!

                • Different types of lubes are widely available

                Regardless of what type of lube you are looking for, The Sex Garden can give it to you! They have a wide array of water-based, silicone-based and oil-based lubes for any type of sexual activity.

                What to do next

                Using personal lubes is one of the effective ways to have pleasurable and long lasting sex. If you are still searching for a perfect lube for your erotic scene, then you have to check out The Sex Garden’s collection of personal lubricants. Browse here for more items.

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