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                Nowadays, people assume that vibrators are always intended to be put inside your body. Actually, there are remarkable products today that are designed for clitoral stimulation instead of vaginal penetration. A clitoral stimulator is a good and gentle introduction for those who want to try vibrators for the first time.

                Fortunately, The Sex Garden gathers some of the stunning clitoral vibrators in the market today. Feel free to take a look at their collection here. Here is also a short guide about clitoral vibrators.

                What is the clitoris?

                The clitoris is quite an incredible part of a woman’s body. For years, people think that this organ was nothing. They believed that it is just a little bulb above the vaginal entrance. But after the scientific community decided to show some interest in it, they were surprised to know that there is much more to it. Little did they know that this organ is the epicentre of a woman’s sensuality. This is the reason why many ladies enjoy clitoral stimulation.

                According to experts, 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm. This makes clit vibrators perfect for solo play or couples’ play.

                Types of clitoral vibrator


                Instead of a pinpoint stimulation, a rounded clit vibrator is used as a massager that covers a wide surface area in your genitals. This vibrator is easy to manoeuvre. It is also excellent to tease other erogenous zones such as nipples. This vibrator is travel-friendly and perfect to use as a back and neck massager.


                These vibrators have little bunny ears to enjoy non-stop clitoral stimulation. It is also designed to provide fast and intense orgasms. The tickler is a more petite and discreet version of a larger rabbit vibrator.

                This type of clitoral vibrator is slightly different. This is because it is specifically designed to lightly tickle and tease the clitoris rather than applying firm pressure.

                Finger slip

                This is made to fit over your finger so that you will have full control of the vibrations. If you are a person who wants to stay in control, then this clit vibrator is for you. This toy is very handy that you can even wear it like a ring to hit the right spot.


                It is a wearable vibrator that is often designed in the shape of a butterfly or flower. It will give you an intense hands-free clitoral and labial stimulation. It is a versatile toy where you can use attachments and add-ons.


                This type is basically just a finger-shaped vibrator. This is designed to be portable that at some point, it can disguise as a lipstick. A bullet vibrator can provide a more focused stimulation on the clitoris bulb. Aside from the clitoris, it can be used in other areas such as labia and scrotum in men.

                Bullet vibrator is considered as the most famous type of clit vibrator. Although it is popular, this does not necessarily mean that it is a go-to option for novices. Your choice will always depend on your clitoral sensitivity. If you cannot stand a direct stimulation on the clitoris, then this toy is not for you.

                Vulva vibrators

                Did you know that the vulva or the external part of the female genitals holds wonders of pleasure? It is made of different parts that have various types and different levels of sensitivity. You can definitely play with this toy to discover completely new sensations.

                Vulva vibrators are larger than bullet vibrators. They are often designed to look like the shape of a hand palm. This vibrator can provide an extended stimulation to the clitoris, labia and all the way to the opening of the vagina.

                Choosing the best clitoral vibrator

                Clit vibrators are available in various sizes to fit snugly into the palm of your hand. Some have a wide surface area so that you can grind against it as you lay on the bed. There are also some clit vibrators that are designed for couple’s play.

                When it comes to features, there are a lot of speed and vibration rhythms for clit vibrators. The vibration patterns will basically range from soft fluGardentters to intense pulsations. Choosing the best one will depend on your personal desire. It is also important to talk to your partner to know what sensation you want.

                Why should you choose clitoral vibrators?

                • Handy and easy to use

                The Sex Garden's Clitoral vibrators are very handy and easy to use. Thus, these products are ideal for beginners. Moreover, since it is handy, you can bring it everywhere you want!

                • Whisper-quiet motor

                Enjoy discreet erotic routines with these products! The Sex Garden’s quality vibrators are packed with whisper-quiet motors so that you can use it alone without anyone knowing!

                What to do next

                If clitoral stimulation is something that interests you, then these products are worth a try! Check out The Sex Garden’s collection of clitoral vibrators! You can find amazing items here for your next bedtime play! Browse now to see more!

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