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                Nature Skin is a brand of sex toys specifically made for couples who want to take their sex game to the next level. They specialises in producing skin-coloured dildo that gives you a realistic feeling.

                Most of their dildos have penis-like appearance that can provide realistic experience to both men and women. Aside from that, their products are specifically designed to have real-life glans and veins on the shaft.

                To know more about Nature Skin and dildos, in general, here are some things you need to know. Read on below.

                Important things to know about dildos

                Dildos are known to be one of the first toys that were used for sexual entertainment and pleasure. Below are important things that beginners must know.

                Know its purpose

                Before anything else, you must take into consideration how your dildo will be used. You must know it first if its purpose is for self-pleasure or couple’s play.

                In that way, you can take some precautionary measures when it is needed. For example, if you are planning to share your dildo with others, you must use condoms for safety purposes.

                Consider the size

                One of the main reasons why women use dildos is that it can be used as a substitute for a real man’s penis. Using a dildo is a great way to stay sexually satisfied whether you are single or just want to have easy access to it.

                Determining what dildo size to use is the first thing to consider. You can definitely explore different sizes of dildos. However, it is recommended to start with the smaller ones first. Most women preferred dildos between 7-8 inches.

                Soft exterior and rigid shaft

                Women’s vaginal walls are very delicate. Thus, it is very important to choose a dildo with soft exteriors. It should always feel soft to touch. This is to help women fantasize about the real thing.

                On the other hand, it should also have a rigid shaft. This is to keep it in shape and avoid any problems while pushing the toy in. Having a dildo with rigid shaft also feels like a real pen.

                Simply put, a good dildo should be soft and squishy while still having superb support with its rigid shaft.

                Realistic features

                According to a survey, there are more women who are interested in dildos with realistic appearance than the more generic ones or vibrant coloured dildos. Realistic-looking dildo is what keeps women in the mood for sexual pleasure.

                Nature skin dildos have a “flesh-like” colour that makes it more irresistible and different from the generic ones.

                Apart from that, there should also have a distinct head. Some women find the head as the most attractive and intriguing part of the penis. Thus, recreating the head makes it more realistic.

                Furthermore, balls are one of the prominent parts of the male body. Thus, it should also be included in the realistic dildo. It also prevents the dildo from being fully inserted into the vagina.

                Lastly, the veins on the shaft of the dildo not only gives a realistic appearance but also a realistic feeling when inserted.

                Suction cup for versatility

                It can be difficult and boring to use your dildo by just lying down on your back then inserting it manually. This is where suction cups are used.

                Suction cup is a simple feature of a dildo. It adds versatility to the overall masturbation routine. Just like Nature Skin dildos, it has a suction cup to enjoy hands-free stimulation.

                Why should you choose Nature Skin dildos

                If you are still in doubt, here are some reasons why you should choose dildos from Nature Skin.

                • Realistic appearance

                If you are looking for a dildo with realistic appearance, Nature skin dildos are perfect for you! One of the main features of Nature Skin is its bulging glans and veins on the shaft. Aside from that, it has also smooth testicles. You will immediately turn-on by just looking at it.

                • Realistic feeling

                The main highlight of Nature Skin dildo is that it can be bent and stays in that position (up to an angle of 30ᵒ). This will give you a penis-like feeling. It also gives you the comfort that no other dildos can do.

                • Made from quality materials

                Nature Skin’s dildos are all made of TPE material. It is phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH. This means that their products are guaranteed safe and effective to use.

                What’s next?

                Nature Skin is one of the leading brands when it comes to dildos. They are visually appealing to first-time sex toy users. Aside from that, it will give you a realistic feel that you can’t resist.

                If you want to know more about Nature Skin, here is a collection of their products. Feel free to browse here. Check this collection out to know which one will suit your sexual preferences.

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