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                Are you tired and bored of the same old erotic routine and foreplay? Do you want to try something new and different in the bedroom?

                Furry fantasy has a solution for you. They provide sex toys that will make you run wild. Tail plugs are their specialty. They all come in different sizes and colours.

                When it comes to anal play, Furry fantasy’s animal tail butt plugs are heaven-sent. Most of their butt plugs have decent sizes for them to sit comfortably in the anus. Moreover, Furry fantasy’s tail butt plugs are used for erotic games such as pet play. If you are new to animal role-playing, using tail plugs can be a smart choice. To learn more about tail butt plugs, read more here.

                What are tail butt plugs

                If you are interested in anal play, then butt plugs are need. But for those who want it to be more exciting, adding some toys with tails can be super hot.

                Using animal tail butt plugs is a form of BDSM role-playing. When a submissive partner wears a tail butt plug, they can resemble into an animal or pet.

                Tail butt plug is not your ordinary sex toy. It is a type of butt plug with a tail attached. Once it is inserted in the anus, all that can be seen is its dangling and fluffy tail. Wearing this will make look like you are portraying an animal with protruding tail.

                Picking your tail butt plug

                Here is a quick checklist to help you choose which tail butt plug is best for you.

                Do you have a specific pet play kink in mind that you want to explore?

                You can look for a specific tail that fits your kinks.

                Do you want to feel a “swish” when you crawl or play?

                If you want to feel a “swish”, you can go for tail plug that looks like fox, pony, unicorn since these have long and furry tail.

                What colour do you want?

                There are lots of colour options for tail butt plugs. You can go from “natural” colours to rainbow colours.

                What it is made of?

                When choosing, avoid butt plugs that are made of jelly, TPR/TPE and rubber. You can look for those that are made of metal, glass and silicone. These are the most common and safest choices. Good thing, Furry fantasy’s tail butt plugs are all made of high-quality metal material.

                Different types of tail butt plugs

                Nowadays, there is a wide array of tail butt plugs that you may find in specialty sex shops. Below is just a list of the basics. Here are some of the tail butt plug options.

                • Bunny
                • Pony
                • Unicorn
                • Wolf
                • Fox
                • Cat dog
                • Racoon
                • Devil (not an animal, but it is sometimes used in tail butt plugs)

                Why should you use Furry fantasy tail butt plug?

                Animal tail butt plug from Furry fantasy is one of a kind! Your animal role-playing scene will never be the same again. Read more below why you should use their products.

                • Different styles and colours are available

                Furry fantasy provides tail butt plugs with different styles and colours. Some of them are available in white, red, black colours. It doesn’t only give exhilarating sensation but it is also pleasing to the eyes. They also have bunny, fox, black panther and even rainbow tails available.

                • Made from high quality materials

                Tail plugs from Furry fantasy are all made from high-quality faux fur with aluminium alloy plug. Since it is made from high-quality metals, it is safe to use with all types of lubricants.

                • Ideal for all types of anal players

                Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced anal player, Furry fantasy’s tail butt plugs are perfect for you. It has a seamless teardrop shape for easier insertion. Aside from that, it has a wide base that is specifically designed for safety purposes.

                What to do next?

                Adding erotic games such as pet play in your sex scene can be exciting. It is a new way of making your sexual relationship more fun and interesting. These pet plays would not be complete without animal tail butt plugs.

                If you want to unleash your inner animal or simply want to explore different sensations, then you are in the right place. Furry fantasy has got you all covered! Their butt plugs will surely help you turn your fox or unicorn tail fantasies into reality.

                If you are interested to find out Furry fantasy’s products, check out their collection of items here. There is definitely a perfect tail butt plug for you!

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