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                When it comes to erogenous zones, the urethra is possibly not on your list. However, some may not know that the urethra is extremely sensitive. They are also packed with nerves.

                If you want to broaden your horizons when it comes to sex life, urethral play can be perfect for you. Urethral play is basically an act of giving pleasure to the urethra. Men and women can be able to enjoy this sexual play.

                Since the urethra is a narrow passageway located between the bladder and external part of the body, you will need a special sex toy to stimulate it. To understand it better, here is a short overview of the urethra and urethral toys.

                What is urethra

                The urethra is a thin, fibromuscular tube that is located between the bladder and external part of the body. It allows your urine to be expelled from the body.

                You can find the urethra on both male and female genitals. In men, it is about eight inches long. It runs from the penis, across the prostate and to the bladder. The male urethra carries semen and urine.

                Contrarily, women have a shorter urethra. It is usually around two inches long. Unlike men, the urethra in women only carries urine.

                Types of Urethral toys

                Penis plugs

                For first-timers, penis plugs are the perfect start-off toys when it comes to urethral play. This urethral toy is usually small. It can be inserted a few inches into the urethra. Moreover, it has a T-bar or ring on its end. This acts as a stopper and will prevent the toy from inserting too far inside your body.

                Most penis plugs are made from either stainless steel or silicone. Aside from that, this sex toy can also be smooth in texture. This feature helps the user to insert and hold the plug easier. Other types have ridges or patterns on their surface. This can provide various sensations to the nerves inside the urethra.

                Urethral sounds

                This is the most popular type of urethral toy in the market today. It is usually longer than penis plugs. Before, this was used to treat conditions of the urethra. But now, they have become more common as entertaining toy.

                The traditional style of urethral sounds is just simple straight rods. However, there are various options that can provide different sensations for you. Here are some of them:

                • Hank sounds – This toy is ideal for beginners. They are usually double-ended where each side has different sizes.
                • Hegar sounds – This is the most common type of urethral sound. Like hank sound, this is double-ended and has a curved S shape.
                • Pratt sounds – This is designed for those people who are expert players when it comes to urethral play. They are nearly the same with Hegar sounds. But Pratt sounds are generally longer with a more noticeable curve.
                • Rosebud sounds – It is a single-sided sound that is perfect for beginners. It has a thicker end so that the user can have a good grip. The other end has a small bullet-shaped piece to give added stimulation to the user.
                • Van Buren sounds – If you are an advanced or expert sound user, then this one is for you. It has a J-shape design that sits comfortably on the curve of the urethra.
                • Dittle sounds – For people who are using penis plugs and wants to try urethral sounding, this product is the ideal toy to start-off. This is because it has a straight smooth body. It is also the shortest sound available today.

                Sperm stopper

                It is a combination of a penis plug and cock ring. Basically, the ring part lies around the glans of the penis while the stopper sits within the urethra. Some sperm stoppers usually have more than one ring. Moreover, there are other options with a longer stopper than usual.

                Prince Albert Piercings

                This is a special type of urethral toy. This is because it is a permanent piercing to the body. It provides the same amount of stimulation like other types of urethral toys. However, having these piercings require more caution.

                Moreover, you can have these piercings either on the top or bottom of your penis. These are available in different shapes. These include a simple ring design and barbell with balls design.

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