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                If you’re planning to travel or have a vacation, packing your things can be easy when you use the right kind of bag for the trip. When it comes to carry-ons, good and quality luggage is essential to ensure that all your things are well-packed and secured during your travel.

                Luggage refers to cases, bags or containers where travellers usually put their personal belongings. Travel luggage is the perfect solution to carry all your essentials during your trip. It can hold all your necessities such as clothes, toiletries and many more. For added information about luggage, read on below.

                Different types of travel luggage

                Luggage is mostly available in a huge variety of sizes and shapes. They also come in different types.

                Rolling suitcase

                A traditional luggage is called the rolling suitcase. It has wheels which makes them easy to use for transporting. Two models are available for this type of luggage. These are hard side and soft side. Below are some of their differences:

                • Hard side – These bags are typically moulded from polypropylene and polycarbonate materials. These types of materials make this luggage lightweight and durable. Since it is durable, it is the best suitcase to protect your fragile items during your travel.
                  Hard side bags are easier to clean than a soft suitcase. However, it is more prone to scrapes. So you must be careful when cleaning this bag to make it last.
                • Soft side – These are the most commonly used bags. Basically, they are made from fabrics such as nylon, microfiber, leather or polyester. These bags are generally more lightweight than a hard side bag. Moreover, soft side bags often have an exterior pocket where you can put small items such as books, accessories, plastics, gels and many more.


                These bags come in various styles and materials. Certain backpacks have wheels. Others have colourful designs. These colourful bags are often used by most children. Furthermore, backpacks are mostly made from soft but strong type of materials. These include polyester, nylon or any combination of different types of materials.

                In addition, a wheeled backpack is more convenient and easy to use. They are the perfect bag for people who want to go on adventurous travel such as hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.

                Duffel Bags

                If you’re a traveller who loves to bring a lot of things when going on a vacation, a duffel bag is an ideal option for you. This bag is designed to carry all sorts of gear especially sports gear.

                Most duffel bags include heavy-duty wheels and sturdy chassis. This is to allow you to pull the bag on any type of surface without damaging them. They also have durable side and front handles. On top of that, their sturdy zippers are meant to last for a long time.

                Things to consider when purchasing a luggage

                • Type of luggage that you will carry

                When choosing a travel bag, you have to determine first the things you need to carry. This will definitely give you an idea which bag will best suit you for your trip.

                For instance, you want to bring fragile items such as glasses. In this case, you have to choose a bag that has a padded surface inside and a hard shell on the outside. This will surely provide maximum protection to the breakable items.

                • Intended use of the bag

                The type of trip will also determine which kind of bag you will use. For a business trip, a small bag that can carry all your valuable things will do. A large and bulky bag is not necessary since you don’t need to bring a lot of things during your business trip. You only need a plain and professional bag that includes a pocket for storing your gadgets.

                On the other hand, packing for a vacation requires a larger bag since you might need to bring beachwear, party wear and other important stuff. Also, if you’re the type of person who really enjoys shopping during a vacation, you will definitely need extra space for the things you’re going to buy.

                • Security Features

                Another important consideration when purchasing new luggage is to ensure that it is durable and secure. You have to opt for something that will not easily tear or break by thieves.

                If you want extra protection for all your valuables, you can buy a separate lock for your luggage. You can also choose a bag that includes a built-in lock like most travellers do.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s luggage?

                • Made from high-quality materials

                To ensure great satisfaction, The Sex Garden only gathered those bags that are made from high-quality and durable materials.

                • Budget-friendly

                The Sex Garden offers the most affordable luggage to be used on your next trip. These bags are perfect for people who want to purchase a new suitcase without breaking the bank.

                What’s next?

                If you’re planning to travel but still don’t have a suitcase where you can pack all your necessities, The Sex Garden’s collection of luggage can provide it for you. Bags in this collection will surely meet all your travel gear requirements. Hurry! Grab your new luggage here!

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