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                Spider is a sex toy brand that offers high end masturbator sleeve, toy lubes, and massage gels. This brand specialises in producing male masturbator sleeves that come in various sizes and special features to meet customer’s satisfaction.

                Spider products, especially the male masturbator have a sensual pussy insert that adheres to any smooth surfaces for hands-free pleasure. Their products are designed to be adjustable to find the perfect angle that will suit the preference of the user.

                Most Spider masturbators can be used hands-free with a pivoted, vacuum-locking suction cup. They are designed to look and feel just like the real thing. The sleeve feels like real flesh. It is also temperature-responsive which makes it more realistic.

                Read on here to learn more about male masturbator sleeve.

                What is male masturbation sleeve?

                Masturbation sleeve is a flexible tube that is commonly used to enclose the penis and enhance masturbation. They usually have one or two openings.

                Like female vibrators, male masturbation sleeves also have the purpose of increasing te pleasure during solo play. They can even use it with a partner. This kind of sex toy can create a feeling more similar to sex. To further enhance their experience, lubricants can be used.

                Most masturbation sleeve, particularly the Spider brand are designed to look and feel like a vagina. They commonly feature a full outer labia, attractive inner labia, detailed clitoris and hood. This is the reason why masturbation sleeves are often called pocket pussies.

                Why should you use masturbation sleeve?

                Giving a handjob can be tiring, especially if your man is not super sensitive. Trying to give man orgasm through hand job can even take 30 mins or more pumping away.

                There are also lots of handjob techniques to learn if you really want to be good at this activity. Good thing, sex toys such as Spider masturbation sleeves are available to make this activity easier.

                Here are some of the reasons why you should use masturbation sleeve.

                • Using sex toys on men during handjob makes it much easier for women.
                • No techniques are required in giving a handjob with a masturbation sleeve. The masturbation sleeve will do it all for you.
                • Since the sensations are more powerful, man will reach orgasm faster than just using hands.
                • The soft material feels better than your hands, especially when used with enough lube.
                • Many sleeves like the Spider brand have textured interiors to provide different sensations when used.

                Techniques in using masturbation sleeve

                Using sex toys can bring so much fun when used by partners. Particularly, Spider masturbation sleeve can bring a lot of fun in the bedroom. Here are some of the techniques in using this kind of sex toy.

                1. If you are adventurous enough, try using male masturbator in the shower together with thick silicone-based lube. Just make sure that the toy is not made from silicone material. Most silicone-made products are not compatible with silicone lube.
                2. Try masturbating with each other. Use the Spider masturbation sleeve on him. On the other hand, let him use other sex toys, such as vibrators on you.
                3. Masturbating yourselves can also be possible while watching each other. This is a great way to learn how your partner likes to be touched.

                Why choose Spider Masturbation Sleeve?

                Most couples try using masturbation sleeve to enhance their sexual pleasure. Here are some of the reasons why Spider masturbation sleeve is the best one to choose among others. Read on here.

                • High quality products

                Spider is a well-known brand for its quality products. Aside from masturbation sleeve, they also provide quality lubes and massage gels. Masturbation sleeves are guaranteed made from 100% realistic skin materials imported from USA.
                • Efficient and easy to use products

                Most of the Spider products are hands-free masturbators that come with a pivoted, vacuum locking suction cup on the base. This will allow the user to stick it to any smooth and hard surface. Thus, making it easy to use.
                • Affordable price

                With the modern technology today, most people are looking for products that can make their life easier. Spider products are one of them. Regardless of this, Spider products are still affordable. They even have gift packs wherein you can buy a sex toy set/package at a very reasonable price.

                What’s next?

                If you are interested in using masturbation sleeves, Spider brand will provide a wide array of quality products you are looking for. This brand of masturbation sleeves is guaranteed safe to use.

                Enjoy intense stimulation with the Spider brand today! They are made from high quality materials. This will be the right choice for you. Browse on here for the Spider collection of masturbation sleeves.

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