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                SYLK is a trusted brand that produces personal lubricants. They provide products to enhance sex and bring comfort to your intimate bedtime play. SYLK lube is approved by the FDA. Their products are also highly recommended by physicians. This is because it has gentle ingredients and superior lubricating abilities.

                SYLK lubricants are super silky and smooth. It never feels sticky on your skin. To know more about SYLK lube, below is a quick guide for you.

                Guide to Lubricants

                Lubricants are intended to help lessen the discomfort associated with vaginal dryness. Apart from that, it is also a fantastic tool to increase sensation during masturbation, penetrative and non-penetrative sex. Here are some of the common types of lube that are used today.

                • Water-based

                This is by far the most versatile lube of all. It is known to be compatible with all types of sex toys and condoms. This lube is also ideal for people with sensitive skin. Its texture makes it easier to clean up.

                However, most water-based lubes tend to dry up faster than other lube types. Thus, you have to reapply now and then. Before purchasing, make sure to choose a water-based lube that is glycerine, paraben and phthalate-free.

                • Silicone-based

                This type of lube is the most viscous, long lasting and slippery among the three variants. Silicone-based lubes are ideal to use for anal sex.

                Silicone lubes are also hypoallergenic. It causes less irritation or infection during penetrative sex. While silicone lube is compatible with latex condoms, it should not be used for silicone sex toys.

                • Oil-based

                Oil-based lube has a pleasant texture. It is usually thicker than water-based lubes. However, its applications are limited. It is also hard to clean up compared to other lube types.

                Oil-based lube is known to be unsafe to use with most condoms. Generally, it can degrade most latex condoms. Aside from that, it can increase the risk of breaking.

                Basically, this type of lube is ideal for massage and masturbation. It also has hydrophobic qualities. Meaning, you can use this lube when you are in the shower.

                • Hybrid lubes

                This type of lube is essentially water-based lubricant. At the same time, it also has a small amount of silicone. This is to increase the viscosity and longevity of your bedtime play.

                Other varieties

                Aside from the common types mentioned above, here are other lubricant varieties that are available in the market today.

                • Arousal gel or enhanced lubes

                These are lubes that contain properties which stimulate blood flow to a particular area. As its name implies, couples apply this lube to make them aroused easier.

                • Flavoured lube

                This is often used during oral sex. Nevertheless, you must be careful when using flavoured lube during vaginal sex. This is because it can cause yeast infections. It is vital to look for sugar or glycerine-free flavoured lube.

                Additional reminders

                • People with allergies should stay away from special types of lubes

                If you have allergies, you must avoid special types of lubes such as flavoured and warming lubes. These lubes have certain ingredients that can harm your body.

                • Lubes are not just for women

                When it comes to partnered sex, what is good for her will definitely be good for both partners. Thus, using lube during couples play will surely heighten your sensation. It can also help sex feel better.

                • Lubes are not for conception

                If you are trying to conceive, it is vital to have your research first before picking a lube. Some lubes are not good for fertility. This is because it can alter the vagina’s pH level.

                • Right amount of lube to use

                According to some sex educators, the more lube you use, the better. This is to enhance the sensation for both of you. Aside from that, it reduces the risk of irritation and small tears on your condom.

                Why should you choose SYLK lubricants

                • Trusted product

                SYLK lube is used to bring comfort during intimate sexual activity. It is used by couples internationally for 30 years. Apart from that, SYLK lube is an FDA cleared medical product. It will surely bring effectiveness and safety to its users.

                • Made from natural ingredients

                SYLK only use non-irritating ingredients on their products to mimic the natural lubrication of your body. It is made from 100% natural kiwifruit vine extract. Thus, it is ideal for couple with sensitive skin. SYLK is also highly moisturising.

                • Slippery and easy to clean

                To make your experience more enjoyable, SYLK is ultra slippery. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue after using. It is also non-staining. Hence, it will be easy to clean after your erotic scene.

                What to do next?

                If you are still searching for a good lube to start your erotic journey, why not try SYLK lube! It lubricates and moisturises for an enjoyable erotic experience. Check out more of their products here!

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