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                When it comes to sex toys, The Sex Garden has vast adult toys to choose from. They gathered here some products specifically designed for men. This is to provide men with the best adult toys for their sexual routine. Products that are listed here include male masturbation sleeves, cock rings, penis extensions, prostate stimulators and the like.

                One of the most common sex toys among the products here is masturbation sleeve. This is a flexible tube used to enclose the penis. Most men use this toy to enhance masturbation. This adult toy has one or two openings. It also has a unique texture to increase sensations. Moreover, they come in a variety of materials, such as plastic, silicone, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and rubber.

                To learn more about this adult toy, here are some insights about masturbation sleeves.

                Using masturbation sleeves for handjob

                For some people, they believe that this toy is solely used for masturbation. But the truth is, masturbation sleeve can also be used during handjob. So next time, instead of applying lube to your hand for handjob, use this toy and let the fun begin. Below are a few benefits of using this sex toy for your next handjob exploration.

                • Masturbation sleeve makes your handjob routine easier. By using this toy, your hands and arms don’t cramp up quickly.
                • There are no required techniques in giving handjob with this sex toy. The masturbation sleeve’s texture does it all for you.
                • By using this particular adult toy, men reach orgasm faster than using your hands alone. This is because the sensation is more powerful than your hands.

                How to pick a male masturbation sleeve

                To get started, listed here are some guides on how to pick the best masturbation sleeve.

                • Orifice design

                Masturbation sleeve comes in a variety of designs to enhance sexual enjoyment. Some look like a vaginal entrance, an anal entrance or a set of soft lips. But for those who are not particular with its look, there is masturbation sleeve that comes with neutral and functional appearance.

                • Material

                Aside from designs, sleeves are also made from a huge range of materials. Basically, stretchy and soft materials are used to provide pleasure. There are also some sleeves that are made of jelly material. Compared to other materials, jelly is more affordable. But you have to be aware that sometimes, this material has a strange odour and unusual texture.

                Apart from the materials mentioned above, there are also sleeves that are made from silicone. This is not as stretchy as the others. Thus, some guys may have difficulty in finding the perfect fit with this kind of material.

                • Size

                To find your sleeve size, you have to depend on the length and width of your penis. This is the reason why most masturbation sleeves are made in various lengths and widths. When choosing, it is suggested to go for stretchier material. This will allow the sleeve to stretch out and fit your penis.

                • Vibrations

                Many male masturbation sleeves are not equipped with vibration functions. While some have this special feature. If vibration is something that you don’t desire, then you can remove the vibrating bullet from the sleeve. But if you think this sensation will enhance your experience, then find a toy that offers a vibration setting.

                • Suction

                There are different types of suction for masturbation sleeves. Some have an open-ended sleeve. This is to clean up the toy easier every after use. However, since they don’t have a closed-end, they can’t provide the same amount of suction and pressure.

                On the other hand, there are some sleeves that have closed-ended sleeve. These masturbation sleeves trap air for a tighter feeling. But unlike the open-ended one, this sleeve is a bit hard to clean.

                Things to remember

                When using a masturbation sleeve with your partner, using plenty of lube is a must. But remember, you have to check what your sex toy is made to find the right lube to be used. Basically, water-based lube is a safe bet for you. Thus, make sure you have stocks before getting started.

                Furthermore, cleaning your masturbation sleeve properly after every use is important. Always think of the nasty things that get inside the toy. If you use them more than once without cleaning in between, dirt is still there. Hence, cleaning it up is all worth it.

                Why choose masturbation sleeve products?

                • Made from quality materials

                Masturbation sleeves in this collection are made from quality materials. Most of their sleeves here are made from TPE materials for more realistic experience.

                • Safe to use

                All products in The Sex Garden’s collection are tested to ensure that their customers will be safe. They offer a variety of options to choose which one will suit your preferences.

                What’s next?

                Finding the right masturbation sleeves is a bit confusing because you have a lot of options. Fortunately, this collection offers the best masturbation sleeves out there. The Sex Garden also listed products that will suit all men’s desire and needs.

                So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing here and look for something that will surely give you a new and exciting experience!

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