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                Nowadays, pubic hair grooming has become a common practice particularly among women. There are numerous reasons why they remove their pubic hair. This includes hygiene, comfort, sex appeal (if they have a partner) and many more.

                Grooming one’s pubic hair always depends on personal preferences. When doing this, health advice and safe hair removal practices are beneficial. This is to prevent minor and severe grooming related injuries and infections.

                With The Sex Garden’s collection of products, your safety is their priority. They only offer products that are fully tested to meet customers’ satisfaction.

                To properly inform you on how to groom pubic hair, read on here.

                Ways to keep the intimate area hairless and smooth

                • Use over-the-counter “depilatories” or cream hair removers

                Using depilatories is a painless way of removing pubic hair. However, you have to be aware that not all depilatories are safe to use on your vulva. Thus, reading the product label is important to make sure it is safe to use.

                Furthermore, if you use cream hair removers, then never leave the cream longer in your sensitive part. If there is any redness, swelling or rash, it means that you’re allergic to the product.

                • Waxing

                Removal of the pubic hair using wax is also known as bikini waxing. Basically, it is done by applying thin layer of warm liquid over the hair you want to remove. Then, thin cloth-like material is placed over the wax before it hardens. Once it hardens, the cloth strip is quickly pulled off.

                If you decided to remove your hair using this method, it is suggested to go to a salon and ask for their services. Usually, their staffs are well trained in doing this procedure. Injuries can also be prevented.

                • Laser hair removal

                The laser is a concentrated beam of light that uses heat to help delay future hair growth. When this procedure is performed correctly, it will definitely kill the follicle of hair without affecting the skin.

                • Electrolysis

                Electrolysis is a permanent removal of hair. Generally, it involves inserting a small probe into the skin next to your hair follicle. After that, a small electric jolt is administered to permanently destroy the follicle.

                This procedure is ideal for the pubic region because the hair in this part of your body is usually coarse and curled. If you will remove it with other removal procedures, it can often lead to ingrown hair.

                Safety guidelines when shaving

                When you shave your private area, it is vital to be safe. Following these safety guidelines below can help you.

                • Before you begin shaving, trim as much hair as possible. When trimming, never use a dull pair of scissors or razor. Never use a dull blade or disposable razor.
                • Soaking yourself can help soften your skin. You can soak in the tab for at least 5 minutes before you shave.
                • Apply shaving cream or gel (mostly with aloe vera) or any other soothing agent over the areas you plan to shave.
                • Reapply the shaving cream or gel as needed.
                • To avoid too much pressure, hold the skin using your one hand and shave with the other hand.
                • Shave according to the direction your hair is growing. Always use short, slow strokes.
                • After shaving, rinse your skin with warm water and let it dry.
                • Apply any lotion with aloe vera or baby oil to the shaved area.

                Important things to remember in shaving

                Your pubic hair fulfils an important function for your body. It bars the foreign bodies, bacteria, pathogens dirt and germs from entering your sensitive area. Removing it can result in a higher risk of infection and other problems related to your genitalia.

                One of the dangers when you remove your pubic hair using a razor is possible cuts. If this happens, your skin will be susceptible to infection.

                The most important thing to keep in mind when shaving your pubic hair is to be as careful as possible. You can apply some cream to prevent dryness. Moreover, avoid having sexual contact with your partner after shaving.

                Sometimes, pubic lice live in the human genital area. They are rare. But once these parasites go down there, they will feed on the blood of the person and form a so-called nit. Hence, it is impossible for the lice to settle in the genital area if you don’t have hair in it.

                Why choose grooming products?

                • Easy to use

                Products in this collection are easy to use. Like for instance, their shaving stencils come with templates that serve as a guide to create perfect shape in your pubic hair.

                • Perfect for grooming

                All the products in this collection are perfect to use if you decide to groom your intimate area. They offer a variety of shaving stencils, shaving crèmes, depilatory lotions and a lot more. This is to provide you with a satisfying grooming session.

                What’s next?

                Do you want to feel more beautiful and confident? Try the products in this collection now. Give your intimate area a new and fresh look ever! Grab their amazing products here. This will be a great tool for you.

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