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                The anal area is full of pleasurable nerve endings. Stimulating these nerves during anal play can bring an amazing and satisfying experience.

                For those who are interested to explore backdoor play, you can start by using a pleasure toy like butt plugs. Using a butt plug is a safe way to enter the world of anal adventure.

                Since butt plugs are available in numerous options, choosing the right one can be difficult for novices. So, to figure out which one will suit you, learn from the information below.

                What does butt plug mean?

                As its name suggests, a butt plug is a sex toy that essentially plugs your butt. These toys typically look like a teardrop. It usually has a wide flared base to prevent it from getting suck in the anus.

                Several butt plugs have magnifying glasses while some have vibrating features. And others are textured to provide additional excitement for the user.

                Types of butt plugs

                To guide you in choosing which is the ideal butt plug, below are some of its types.

                • Classic butt plugs

                The classic type has the most basic design. Typically, its size ranges between 3 to 5 inches long. They are also described as smooth and plain types of butt plug. Aside from that, they come in various colours and even in a wide variety of materials.

                • Expanding butt plugs

                The shape of this butt plug is different from the other types. Unlike the typical one which often looks like a bulb, expanding butt plug looks like they have arms. Other people also described it like a small flower.

                Basically, it provides various sensations when compared to other types of butt plugs. It has the ability to touch and rub the areas of your butt which a usual one can’t provide.

                • Tail butt plugs

                Another type of butt plug is the one that comes with a tail. Actually, it has the same look as the other types. The only difference is its tail that is attached to its base.

                The tail serves as a design to look like an animal while using it. Animal designs are available in wide varieties. You can either be a fox, dog, cat, pony, bunny, wolf and many more.

                • Vibrating butt plugs

                This butt plug has a vibrating feature. This vibrating feature can provide additional pleasure to the user. It usually comes with various vibration patterns so that the user can experiment with different sensations.

                • Beginner butt plugs

                For first-timers, this butt plug is definitely the ideal one to use. Unlike the classic butt plug, it has a longer stem to make it easy to hold. It is also thinner and shorter for easy insertion.

                Tips for choosing a butt plug

                For your guide, provided here are a few tips in purchasing your first butt plug.

                • Consider the size

                In choosing a butt plug, it is suggested to go for a small size first, especially if you’re a newbie. You can just work your way up once you get familiar with this toy. As a rule of thumb, the ideal size for first-timers to enjoy this adult toy must range from 0.75-1.25 inches in diameter.

                • Think of the material

                One of the most important things to consider when buying your first ever butt plug is the type of material used for this toy. Generally, phthalate-free butt plugs are safe to use. These can be made from silicone, wood, glass, rubber and other types of materials.

                Furthermore, silicone is the best option if you want to share your toy with your partner. Since this type of material is non-porous, you can deeply clean your toy by sterilising it after using it.

                • Choose the right lube for your butt plug

                Water-based lube is among the best types of lube to be used for your butt plug. This is because it is compatible with all types of materials. Moreover, it works well in this sex toy.

                On the other hand, many people also love the long-lasting effect of silicone-based lube. However, before using silicone-based lube for your toy, make sure that your butt plug is not made from silicone materials. This is to prevent it from breaking down.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s butt plug

                • Wide range of choices

                With the numerous options in this collection, you will definitely get the one that will fit your needs and desires. Since The Sex Garden only gathered here the best products, it will help you narrow down your options and get only high-quality items.

                • Made from high-quality materials

                When choosing butt plugs, it is necessary to opt for those toys that are made with high-quality materials. Good thing, The Sex Garden’s collection of butt plugs is made from materials that are known to be safe and good in quality.

                • Available in sets

                For those who are still unsure of their size, certain butt plugs in this collection are available in sets. Most of the kits include butt plugs in different sizes. With various sizes available in each set, it will allow you to experiment with various sensations that this toy can provide. You can try each size to know which one will be comfortable to use.

                What’s next?

                Butt plugs can provide great pleasure and an exciting experience to couples. What are you waiting for? It’s time to buy your own now. Feel free to browse The Ses Garden’s collection of butt plugs and enjoy the benefits of using this incredible toy.

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