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                Nowadays, many men and women are fascinated with erotic magazines. Some magazines tackle different issues such as sexual liberation and positivity and violent sexual realities. Others are merely just for singles and couples who want to be entertained with its daring and alluring pictures, novels and interesting stories.

                If you want to indulge and learn about erotic magazines, go ahead and read this quick guide and overview.

                What is erotic magazine?

                Erotic magazines are sometimes called pornographic magazines, adult magazines, sex magazine or top-shelf magazines. These magazines usually contain contents that are explicitly sexual in nature. On top of that, they have images of attractive naked subjects. These imageries may include individuals who are depicting masturbation, vaginal, oral or anal sex and many more.

                Among the most famous erotic magazines are Playboy, Playgirl, Penthouse and Hustler. Other well-known magazines include Leg Show and Asian Babes. There are also certain magazines that are more erotic and sensual such as Bizarre, Connoisseur, Masque, Unique World, High Heels and many more.

                With the advancement of technology today, there are certain digital newsstands that now provide pornographic magazines. However, most people still prefer to purchase hard copies of magazines since it is more engaging.

                Common features of erotic magazine

                A typical adult magazine often features photos of women. Several of them also contain various stories about sexual exploits and other topics related to sex.

                Apart from that, there are also certain magazines that are more devoted to sexual fetishism. These are known as fetish magazines. This type of magazine focuses on being erotic rather than pornographic. Most of these magazines contain topics and images that portray BDSM and other similar fetishes.

                Furthermore, there are various pornographic magazines that are made for gays and bisexual men. This type of magazine concentrates on homoerotic male content. Aside from that, it features pornographic gay classics such as gladiators, cowboys and sailors.

                Uses of erotic magazines

                The main purpose of erotic magazines is to stimulate sexual arousal. They are usually used during masturbation and foreplay. Some erotic magazines are more general in their content. Understand the uses of erotic magazines below.

                1. It is a turn on for the reader

                There are a lot of erotic magazines nowadays with very engaging topics. Most of them contain articles that can definitely get you into the mood.

                2. For escapism

                Another advantage of erotic magazines is that they can be a safe place for you to enjoy and explore your deepest erotic fantasies. Reading erotic magazines can be your quick escape into reality.

                3. It can awaken your libido

                Sometimes, men and women experience sexual block. Some causes of sexual block include stress, hormonal changes and pressures in their personal life. Other people even thought of masturbation or sex as a burden. If you’re struggling with your libido, then reading an erotic magazine might help to awaken it.

                4. It strengthens relationships

                Reading an erotic article together with your partner can be a great bonding activity. You can also learn from the different editorials that are included in the magazine. Most of these articles may discuss various sexual issues about sex and relationships.

                5. It introduces you to new things

                Erotic magazines can also introduce a wonderful way of expressing a desire that you can’t release on your own. These magazines contain several kinks and sexual fantasies. This can range from a gentle giggle to full-on electrifying orgasm.

                6. Relaxing

                After a long day of work, reading a good and entertaining magazine can soothe and energise you. You can even have some solo play while reading. In this way, you can relieve your stress since you are releasing a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone is known to give you a good feeling of calmness and peace.

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                What to do next?

                Do you want to add a little bit of excitement and fun to your next erotic encounter? Why not start your routine with some good and interesting pornographic magazines?

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