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                Fun Factory is a brand that produces sex toys. They provide products with quality and functionality combined with fun and sensuality. Their products can entice men and women. With their continuous effort to provide only the best, Fun Factory became one of the largest manufacturer of silicone sex toys in Europe.

                One of their most popular products is rechargeable vibrators. Their products are not your typical vibrators because they are extra powerful. You can also choose between their rechargeable strong vibrator and Battery+ categories.

                Most of their rechargeable vibrators also feature magnetic CLICK N’ CHARGE technology. This will allow you to charge your sex toys like how you’d charge your phone.

                If you are interested in Fun Factory products, read more below.

                5 different styles of vibrator

                1. Internal – these are usually inserted into the vagina. Aside from that, they are perfect for those who want penetration and G-spot stimulation.
                2. External – typically used on the clitoris and labia. Use this if you prefer no penetration or want clitoral stimulation.
                3. Combo vibrators – a combination of internal and external stimulation. These are usually called rabbit vibrators because of their shape.
                4. Anal vibrators – usually intended for anal play. It is different from the internal vibrator because it has a base so that it will not get stuck in the butt.
                5. Penis-focused vibrators – ideal for those who want penis stimulation.

                Choosing a vibrator based on vibration or motor

                Here are some recommendations to help you decide what kind of vibration and motor you prefer.

                1. For those who enjoy being stimulated across the vulva, you can pick a vibrator with broader vibration and a bigger surface area.
                2. For those who want to be stimulated on certain parts, you may choose a more targeted vibrator with smaller surface areas.
                3. If you want constant stimulation, select a vibrator with motor that runs consistently.
                4. If you are looking for a certain pattern like short pulses or a pattern of pauses, choose a vibrator that offers different vibration settings.

                Different power options for sex toys

                • Cords

                Sex toys with cords are generally considered classic or old school. Corded sex toys are known to be strong. This is because they have a reliable and intense power source. You will not be worried about a dying battery with this type of sex toy.

                However, you will be restricted by the length of its cord. For instance, the cord is only 1 metre. Thus, you can only use it within 1 metre from the power source. Moreover, there is always the tripping or tangling hazard of having a cord near you, especially if you have long cords.

                • Batteries

                If you don’t want to use power cords, battery-operated sex toys can be a convenient choice for you. Moreover, it tends to be less expensive than power corded sex toys.

                But, batteries can explode. Even worst, this can happen without a warning. When this happens, the battery acid goes everywhere which can cause damage. Furthermore, they are hard to dispose.

                • Rechargeable

                Today, rechargeable sex toys are the most popular option for couples. This type of sex toy is not limited to high-end vibrators nowadays. You can even find it in different mid-range vibrators in the market.

                Rechargeable vibrators are relatively environmentally friendly compared to battery-operated ones. It can be long-lasting. Sometimes, it can also be waterproof.

                However, if it is not fully charged, it might die seemingly out of nowhere right before a climax. You also can’t remove its battery when you need to clean it.

                Important reminders


                • If a battery-operated vibrator is not in use, you should remove its batteries. If not, the batteries will have a chance of slowly draining dead. The battery acid in it will also leak.
                • Purchase high-quality batteries for your sex toy.
                • Check the sex toy if it is waterproof before you use it in the shower. Some battery-operated and rechargeable vibrators are not submersible in water.
                • Do not leave your rechargeable toy plugged longer than it needs to be.
                • Keep your receipts and warranty card/information in case there is a defect on your sex toy.

                Why should you choose Fun Factory vibrators

                • Strong vibrators

                Fun Factory offers power and performance for their vibrators. Their vibrator comes with vibrations from light purr to powerful roar.

                • Innovative

                Fun Factory delivers a new kind of vibrator called Battery+. This vibrator combines the convenience of battery-operated toys with the eco-friendliness of a rechargeable one. Battery+ vibrators are considered a powerful vibrator in the market today.

                • Use it on-the-go

                Fun Factory vibrators are perfect for those people who are on-the-go. Their products provide immediate satisfaction anywhere, anytime.

                What to do next?

                Vibrators work in a magical way. It can increase arousal and heightens sex with your partner. Aside from that, it helps couples reach orgasms for the first time.

                When choosing your sex toys, you must consider many things before buying them. If you are not sure where to start, check out Fun Factory vibrators. They can provide the right toys that you want!

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