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                Nowadays, the market of life size sex dolls has grown at an unimaginable level. Most of these dolls are now more different and realistic. You can buy a life size doll of various sizes, shapes, gender, colour and ethnicity. You can even personalise them based on your partner’s face or your favourite superstar.

                To help you get started with life size sex dolls, here are some information about them. Check it out now to learn more.

                Reasons to buy life size sex dolls

                Buying your own life size doll can be based on various reasons. Check out this list of reasons below.

                • Companionship

                Being alone can be very hard. Some people may need some physical intimacy at some point in their lives. To relieve loneliness and dissatisfaction, many people are now trying to use life size dolls.

                Life size dolls can be a perfect companion for those people who are single for a very long time. Aside from that, it can also be a great substitute for your partner if you are in a long-distance relationship. With a life size sex doll, you can cuddle and sleep with it anytime you want.

                • Gift

                A life size doll can be an ideal gift for your single friend or family member during any event. Gift-giving can be a great way to have some fun as you surprise them with your choice of sex doll.

                • Sexual pleasure

                For couples, not having physical contact with their partners for a long time can be stressful. To relieve your stress, you can always count on your life size toys and fulfil your sexual pleasure.

                • Fantasies

                People have their own sexual fantasies in mind. Some of them can’t even share their wildest desires with their partners. However, you will not experience this with life size dolls. This sex toy can be there for you in all circumstances. Aside from that, you can also get exactly what you want by customising a doll to fulfill your fantasies.

                Considerations when purchasing life size dolls

                If it is your first time to purchase a life size sex doll, then you must expect that the process can be overwhelming. There are various considerations that may be confusing for you. To get started, the information below can help you pick the best life size doll.


                There are a lot of sex doll choices nowadays according to the material used. Most high-end dolls are usually made of silicone, fabric, rubber and TPE.

                Rubber sex dolls are more popular than any other type. But the main problem with this adult toy is that it is porous. Thus, it is vital to clean this doll all the time.

                Life size dolls that are made of fabric are less popular. Moreover, it lacks the skin-like texture. Nonetheless, if you are searching for a companion in bed, then this toy will work for you.

                TPE dolls are a new type of sex dolls. They have the same lifelike feel and texture as silicone. However, this is much cheaper than the silicone one.

                Lastly, the most realistic sex dolls are made of silicone. Most people prefer this material because it is soft, long lasting and doesn’t cause any allergy to the user. Heating mechanisms can also be added to this type of material.


                Before, life size dolls usually have the same face, style and expressions. But due to the advancement in technology, you can now pick any type of ethnicity in your sex doll. It can be Asian, African, American, Russian, Brazilian, French or anything that you like.


                Did you know that a life size doll can be available in different genders? Most sex dolls are available in female, male and shemale versions. This means that you can go wild with your imagination and elaborate your fantasies with life size sex dolls.


                For many people, life size dolls are considered a one-time investment. Thus, they have to see to it that they get the best one. Before buying, you have to consider the structure of the doll. On top of that, you must also take note of the measurements of the sex doll. These may include their height, waistline, boobs, limbs and many more.

                If you are looking for something unique, you can personalise your life size doll. Just make sure that your choice can fulfil your deepest erotic fantasies.


                Life size dolls will not be more realistic if they don’t have sexual parts or orifices. These include the vagina, mouth and anus. An amazing doll should have at least one of these orifices. Furthermore, it should be functional and should intensify your erotic pleasure.

                Cleaning tips for life size sex doll

                After your intimate romance with your life size doll, it is also important to clean them thoroughly. Aside from that, cleaning is essential so that you can use them for a long time.

                The skin of your life size dolls should be cleaned around every 2-4 weeks. You can use a soft cloth with shower gel and water. To avoid any damages to your doll, do not to scrub the doll vigorously. Moreover, do not use an abrasive loofah or scratch sponge.

                Another important thing to remember is to be careful around the doll’s eyes and eyelids. These areas should not be wet.

                Why should you try The Sex Garden Life size collection

                • Many choices are available

                The Sex Garden can provide their customers with the best products according to their erotic needs and preferences. A huge selection of choices is also available here to make your intimate scene more exciting.

                • Made from quality materials

                Are you anxious about having low-quality life size dolls? Worry no more! The Sex Garden offers life size dolls that are made from exceptional materials. They only provide you with the best items.

                What to do next?

                Fill in the emptiness in your sexual life. Try these life size sex dolls from The Sex Garden now! Hurry and check out this collection here! Browse for more available products!

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