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Wet Stuff

Wet Stuff (now called Gel Works) is an Australian made and owned brand that produces high quality lubricants. Today, they have 22 different formulations available in the market. These include water-based, silicone-based and their unique creamy combination of water and silicone-based lubes.

Their company founder and managing director Paul Whyte started to design and research about lubricants in 1978. Since then, they are dedicated to provide lubricants that are accessible to anyone who needs it. With their interest in health, they continue to provide the best possible products for couples.

Since they produce lubricants, read below to learn additional information about their products.

Different ways to use lubes

1. Use it for hand jobs and fingering

For others, the idea of rubbing their dry palms on their partner’s penis or spitting into their hands may seem off. With that, lubricants can help you. Using lube will make your awkward hand look like a bona fide hand job expert.

Aside from that, adding lube on his penis and your hands will guarantee that any movement feels breathtaking. It also gives you more chance to experiment with new techniques.

When it comes to fingering, applying some lube can make this routine easier for both the giver and receiver. It also enhances your sensation since it lessens the friction.

2. Use it during cunnilingus

Having a dry mouth is inevitable when giving cunnilingus. This can happen when you are taking certain medications or when you’re dehydrated. With that, you can experience a sandpaper tongue which results in uncomfortable sensation for both partners.

To avoid this, adding enough amount of unflavoured lube can help. Just apply it to the receiver’s vulva before diving in.

3. Use it for pre-dry hump

Dry humping is a term used to describe a sexual activity that doesn’t involve penetration. For beginners, using lubricants during this routine can be illogical. However, before things get hot and intense, you can sneak off into your bathroom for a while. Then you can apply a little lube to your vulva and clitoris.

By doing this, you can get aroused easily without experiencing too much friction in your underwear when having dry humping.

4. Use it before penetrative sex happens

When your partner has a hard time maintaining their own lubrication, then lube can be used. You can easily pull off a bottle of compatible lubricant during your foreplay. Just add a few squirts of lube in your palm and grind your vulva and labia against it. This will surely give a new twist to a hand job for women.

5. Use it for a warming massage

Warming lube heats up with any body-to-body contact or friction. However, before using this lube, it is very important to inform your partner first. Other than that, there are no rules when it comes to using warming lubes and heating things up. You can even add a few drops of this particular lube to your nipples for exhilarating nipple stimulation.

6. Use it to intensify his orgasm

During sex, you can dab a few drops of lube on your partner’s perineum. This part is considered as an extra-sensitive spot in men located between his scrotum and anus. Just before he reached his orgasms, gently tap your finger on this spot for a toe-curling sensation.

7. Use it with a vibrator

Adding an electrifying pulse of your favourite vibrator during foreplay can intensify your experience. To make it even more exciting, you can apply lube on that same toy. Then glide it slowly over your clitoris. This will give you a more fluid sensation. Putting a little lube on your vibrator can be a total game-changer in your erotic scene.

Why should you use Wet Stuff lubricants

  • Wide range of lubricants

Wet Stuff has a wide range of lubricants to cater to your needs. They have water-based, silicone-based, flavoured and cream types of lubes. You can definitely choose the perfect lube for a particular erotic scene.

  • Gentle and soothing

Wet Stuff lubricants are all gentle and soothing on the skin. It has a unique formulation that even with constant use, your skin still feels soft and gentle.

  • It has a low irritant formula

Wet Stuff lube does not contain any thickeners that are usually found in other lubricants. It is also non-straining and non-fragranced. Thus, it does not contain any harsh ingredients.

What to do next?

Every sexual activity can be improved by using lubricants. It can make sex even more comfortable and pleasurable for both persons involved. It also gives you more opportunity to get more creative with sex.

If you want to start your sex journey with a bottle of lube, here is the right brand for you. Check out Wet Stuff products now! Click here to see more!

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