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                Desire brand is a product range of sex toys and accessories. Their products include massager, oral sex stimulator, massage gloves, clitoral stimulator and Kegel balls. Aside from these luxurious erotic products, they also provide high quality lubricants. Most of them are for anal play use.

                Normally, as sexual scene builds up, natural wetness also increases. This is usually due to heightening sexual excitement. However, for certain reasons, you may need the help of personal lubricants to achieve the perfect lubrication.

                Having perfect lubrication means you can experience a more pleasurable feeling during sex. Furthermore, using lubes can ensure that there is no pain involved.

                Here are some things you need to know about personal lubes. Read more below.

                Things you need to know about personal lubricants


                • Two of the most popular personal lubricants are water-based and silicone based.
                • Using lubes can help you have safer sex. Moreover, it can protect you from infection and unplanned pregnancy.
                • Lubes are very important during anal play. Since the butt does not produce its own lubricant, using a lubricant can help the insertion easier and less painful.
                • Lubricants can add new sensations during erotic play.
                • Lubes are the perfect companions of sex toys. Using sex toys with lubricants can enhance any sexual activity.
                • To experience long lasting sex, use lubricants.

                Different choices for lubricants

                Today, there is already a wide range of lubricant that couples can choose. Below are some of them.

                Warming lubricants – this type of lube basically adds warming sensation during sex. There are just a few precautions when using warming lubes. Always be careful not to slather too much. Women’s genitals are more sensitive than men. Thus, using too much lube may not be good for them.

                Water-based lubes – these are the most common type of lube that is available in the market today. This lube is best to use for people with sensitive skin. Aside from that, it is more lightweight that the other types of lubricants. Water-based lubes won’t stain your sheets. It is also water soluble. Thus, it is easy to wash off after using.

                Oil-based – this type of lube can provide good lubrication particularly during anal play. However, experts advised you to be more careful with oil-based products. Usually, it can cause latex condoms to tear.

                Flavoured lubes – flavoured type of lubes are usually used during oral sex. This lube is great for couples who are hesitant when it comes to oral sex. Using flavoured lube is also a great way to introduce oral sex to your partner.

                Silicone-based – silicone-based lubes are perfect to use in the shower. This is because it is ultra-moisturising and doesn’t break down in water. It is also great for massage because it is long lasting. Apart from that, silicone-based lube offers a different texture. It is significantly thicker than water-based lubes. It is not easily absorbed into the skin which makes it last long.

                All-natural – there are some lubes in the market today that are organic, all-natural and eco-friendly. These claims to have fewer additives compared to the other types of lubricant

                Lubricants for anal play

                Since lubricants from Desire are mostly for anal play, it is also good to know more about anal play. As mentioned above, lubricants are vital during anal play.

                Thicker lubes are best for anal sex. Since anal walls are thinner than vaginal wall, it is important to keep them slippery as much as possible. This is to reduce the chances of cuts and tears inside the rectum.

                Compared to vaginal sex, anal sex is considered to be particularly risky in terms of STI transmission. Thus, during anal play, it is crucial to use good quality anal lubes.

                For anal play, silicone-based lubes are the best choice. This is because this type of lube is thicker compared to any other types of lube. However, do not use silicone-based lubes if you are using anal toys that are made from silicone. Both products are not compatible with each other as silicone breaks down silicone. As a result, your toys may break down inside your butt.

                Why should you use personal lubricants from Desire Products

                Here are some reasons why you should use personal lubricants from Desire Products.

                • Good quality lubricants

                They provide high quality lubricants specifically for anal play. Aside from the fact that it is safe on the skin, it is also perfect for couples who want to heighten their sensation during erotic play.

                • Luxurious erotic products are available

                Aside from high quality lubes, luxurious erotic products such as 2-in-1 massager and vibrator, Kegel balls, oral sex stimulator and many more.

                What can you do next?

                Lubricants are your best companion when it comes to erotic play. It makes every insertion and stimulation seamless and less painful. It will also heighten your erotic experience and brings out the best in every sex toy.

                If you are looking for safe and good quality lube, then lubricants from Desire is worth a try. Check out their product collection here.

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