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                At some point in a relationship, sometimes you’ll be stuck in a “sexual rut”. This means that sexual desire is not the same as it used to be. It’s not actually a big issue for couples. This is because there are certain ways to bring back the excitement, fun, intimacy and desire.

                Once in a while, it’s nice to spice things up with your sex life to keep the spark in your relationship. You can try out new sex positions, add sex toys or bring out some kinky games during foreplay. Nowadays, you can find certain fetish games for couples. These include adult games such as board games, playing cards, dice and many more.

                Get ready to play now! Just keep on reading to learn more about these fun and interesting adult games.

                Fun adult games to try

                Playing adult games is a great way to spend quality time with your partner. Moreover, you will get closer to your lover when you try out these exciting games below.

                1. Erotic dice

                If you’re a beginner in playing sex games, probably erotic dice is the ideal one for you. It is done by rolling the dice and let fate decide what you and your partner will do next.

                For instance, one die will tell you to focus on one of the erogenous zones of your partner while the other die will decide how you will tease them. You can take turns in this game. While doing this activity, fantastic foreplay will definitely follow.

                2. Truth or dare

                This version of “Truth or Dare” is not the same as the game you played when you’re still a kid. In this game, you may ask questions to your partner like, “What is in your sexual bucket list?” If your lover chooses “dare”, you can put them on a blindfold. Then, ask them to lick the body part that you place in front of their mouth.

                3. Write on each other with chocolate

                It is a kinky activity that you and your partner can try. This erotic game is usually done by using chocolate in writing on each other’s bodies. You can consider using a chocolate edible play pen to do this activity. Once you’re done writing your message, lick the chocolate all over your lover’s bare body. This can be pleasurable foreplay for couples.

                4. Tell each other your sexual fantasies

                In this game, both couples will tell each other’s sexual fantasies. But you have to disguise these fantasies as a dream. If it seems that your partner is interested, then ask him to try it. However, if your partner doesn’t want the idea of trying it, respect him. Then, move to other fantasies you have in mind.

                You can share as many fantasies as you can. This game is one way to make your fantasies come into reality.

                5. Adult board games

                One way to spice up your relationship is by incorporating fetish board games. The idea of playing board games will help couples to feel closer to each other. Aside from that, you will be able to communicate openly and can deepen your knowledge about each other.

                Moreover, board games will strengthen your bond together. Some board games are meant to be played with friends while others are just for your intimate time with your lover.

                How to initiate sexy games

                As your guide, try out one of these tactics that might help you to initiate fetish games.

                • Open up the topic to your partner by referring to an article you’ve read in your favourite magazine.
                • Tell your partner a story about the fetish games that you’ve heard from your friends. Then ask your lover if they want to give it a try.
                • Directly approach your partner about the topic. You can also consider purchasing an adult game like board game as a gift to your partner.
                • Giving your partner 52 cards containing “love coupons” is also a good idea. Written in each coupon are some sexy acts that you will portray once it is redeemed. Tell your partner that he is entitled to redeem one coupon per week. This means that both of you will enjoy your kinky game each week for the whole year.

                Few tips to make sexy games more fun

                • Don’t force your partner to do something that makes them feel uncomfortable.
                • Certain kinky games for adults are fun to explore. However, bringing it up just to fix a problem in a relationship is not a good idea. Definitely, it will not help you to fix your broken relationship.
                • Just enjoy the game and your precious time together. For sure, you will gain confidence with these games. As a result, you can explore more sexy games in your next intimate play.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s collection of games?

                • Perfect gift

                If you want to surprise your lover with a novelty gift for a special occasion, you’re in the right place. Games in this collection can be a perfect birthday present or an exciting novelty toy at a bachelorette party.

                • Durable and portable

                All products in this collection are ideal to bring anywhere since they are all portable. Aside from that, The Sex Garden only gathered those adult products that are made from quality materials. This is to ensure that all their items will last longer.

                What’s next?

                If you haven’t tried playing amazing games for your sexual life, then go ahead and get it on. Browse this collection of games and make your next date night full of fun. Various adult games are available here for you to try out. Hurry! Get the best fetish games here!

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