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14 Erogenous Zones to Stimulate during Sex

on April 03, 2020

Sex can involve more than just genitals. To make your orgasms more powerful, you can interact with other pleasure areas on the body. These pleasure areas are also called erogenous zones.

Erogenous zones are the parts of the body that has heightened sensitivity. These spots can give sexual responses that are similar or just as satisfying as playing with your partner’s genitalia. Apart from that, these can generate erotic reactions such as relaxation, production of sexual fantasies, sexual arousal and orgasm.

To find out where to touch your partner during sex, here is a list of some common erogenous zones. Read on here.

1. Feet

Your feet are highly sensitive and stimulating. After being on your feet all day, it is better to give your partner a good foot massage. While massaging their feet, you might hit on the numerous pressure points that are directly linked to their private parts. However, these pressure points are different for everyone.

2. Belly button

This part of the body rarely gets enough attention. Some of you may not know that this area can be tantalising with just a sensual touch. Although this spot won’t be a turn-on for everyone.

To stimulate this, you can gently massage your partner’s belly button. Then, using your finger, make small circles inside their belly button.

If this did not work, you can also use the belly button for food play. Just drizzle some chocolate sauce on your lover’s belly button. After that, you can lick it out to tease the area just above the genitals.

3. Hands

Your hands have so much to do during sex. Thus, it is easy to think of them as erogenous zones of the body. However, you might not have considered that your hands are packed with nerve-endings. Moreover, your hands hold a ton of tension. But by giving a sensual hand massage, this can surely provide relief to your partner.

Another way to heat things up is to focus on stroking their fingers with your own. You can also suck their fingers with your mouth.

4. Back of the knees

If your partner is ticklish, then it is the right time to tenderly kiss or run your fingers at the back of their knees. This spot is super sensitive. Hence, caressing it will bring excitement to their nerves.

5. Scalp

Gently running your fingers across your lover’s scalp can be a simple move. Nevertheless, this easy gesture is enough to send shivers throughout their body. It also gives instant relaxation and intensified intimacy to prepare you when things get hotter.

6. Nape of the neck

Although this area is already far from your genitals, it can still be a sensual spot especially for men. As you may know, neck stimulation sends signals to your circulatory system. Thus, increasing the blood flow in your body. You can start by softly stroking or kissing this part during foreplay.

7. Mouth and lips

Lips are known to be the most sensitive membranes of the body. During sex, you can try biting your partner’s lips. You can also stroke them with your tongue.

8. Inner thighs

This is a thick-skinned and muscular area that can handle more pressure compared to other parts of your body. With that, you can massage and lightly touch their inner thighs with your nails for an exhilarating sensation.

9. Nipples

Other men usually have ultra sensitive nipples. However, some do not want to be stimulated in that part. Thus, it is very important to always go slow.

If your partner is into it, you can softly touch their nipples with your finger or kiss them. For a more intense sensation and powerful climax, squeeze your partner’s nipples when he reaches orgasm.

10. Perineum

The nerve endings in this part are connected all the way from the pubic bone to the anus and thighs. This spot is located beneath the scrotum in men. While in women, it is located below the vulva.

During foreplay, you can gently press this area. You can also flick it with your tongue. This will give a toe-curling sensation to your partner.

11. Ears

Whispering through your partner’s ears can bring a tantalising feeling to them. You can also slowly nibble on their earlobes for an arousal boost. 

12. Lower back

For many people, sex can be a good stress reliever. Thus, it should not be surprising that the lower back holds a lot of pressure throughout the day. Massaging it can help set the mood in your bedtime play.

While massaging your partner’s lower back, you can also take the opportunity to tantalise their butt cheeks and perineum. This is applicable to most men.

13. Clitoris

The clitoris in women is highly responsive. It is not just your typical “button of pleasure”. It is an important part to reach orgasms easily. You can stimulate the clitoris externally by simply rubbing it passionately. You can also go for an indirect stroke from inside.

14. Penis/vagina

Obviously, the penis and vagina are among the “magic wand” when it comes to awakening your pleasure. To stimulate the penis, you can focus on the entire shaft instead of just rubbing the tip.

On the other hand, the vagina, specifically the vulva is a big erogenous spot. To explore this area, you can have your partner use their tongue, penis, finger or even a sex toy to linger and tease it.


Sexual arousal seems to be different for every individual. However, there is still a similarity on which spot is pleasing to stimulate.

This guide only describes some of the most common sweet spots. But it is not fully comprehensive. Communication and trying out new methods are still the best ways to know what’s pleasing with your partner.

Stimulating these erogenous zones can heighten your feelings of sexual pleasure. Aside from that, it makes sex more satisfying.

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