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Tips and Tricks on How to Perform Oral Sex

on February 14, 2020

Oral sex is commonly practiced by sexually active male-female and even with the same-gender couples. They include oral sex as part of foreplay before sexual intercourse. Although it is considered a low-risk activity, it is important to use protection and do it more safely.

Just like the other sex routine, oral sex is a fun activity in the bedroom. It is one way of stimulating your partner’s genitals using your mouth, lips or tongue. This can also include sucking and licking the penis, vagina, vulva or clitoris, and even the anus.

Here is a blog post to learn some of the oral sex tips and tricks and how to do it safely.

How to make oral sex safe?

If you are going to start oral sex with your lover, the first thing to consider is to understand how to do it properly. In that way, both will enjoy this activity without any fear of getting some sexually transmitted diseases.

When it comes to oral sex, couples can be at risk if they don’t know how to do it. Nevertheless, the risk of getting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or HIV from oral sex is very low. Generally, risks arise if the person receiving oral sex has STIs or sores in their genital area. Also, if the person giving oral sex have sores in their mouth or bleeding gums.

Using condoms or dental dams is one way to be protected from most sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or HIV.

How to give man oral sex?

Before giving your man oral sex, get him into the mood first. It is a good idea to use your hand to touch him before working up to the sensation of oral sex.

If unsure on how far you want him to penetrate your mouth, use your thumb and forefinger to make a ring around his penis. Keep on moving your fingers down slowly until you reach the point where it feels deep enough inside your mouth.

Most men find oral sex, also known as blow jobs highly sensitive. So it was suggested to start it gently and slowly. You can even experiment using your tongue, mouth and head movements. Through this, you can see what works best for your lover.

How to give women oral sex?

When it comes to woman oral sex (cunnilingus), you can spend time kissing and touching her first. Take your time to explore her upper thighs and the area around the vagina to make her aroused.

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of the vagina which has more than 8,000 nerve endings. That is the reason why the clitoris is considered as the part of a woman’s genitalia that gives arousal during sex.

To start with oral sex, gently part the outer lips of the vagina and look for the vaginal opening. Then, hook the clitoris above it to make her arouse during oral sex.

Always start softly. Use your tongue to make slow movements. After that, work up to faster movements with a firmer, pointed tongue. Try on experimenting through making different patterns of the tongue. In doing this, you can take some cues from your lover as to what she enjoys most.

Important things to remember in oral sex

If oral sex is done correctly, it can be a satisfying experience for couples. Here are some of the important things to remember when doing oral sex.

  • Find a position that will work for both of you

Oral sex can be more exciting in bed if you find a position that is comfortable for both partners. For instance, some couples enjoy the “69 position” during oral sex. In this position, two people align themselves so that their mouths are near each other’s genitals. This means that both are performing oral sex simultaneously.

  • Be enthusiastic and have fun with it

Enthusiasm is one of the easiest techniques during oral sex. It is also considered as the most effective way to give couples a more pleasurable experience. One way to show your enthusiasm is through whispering in your lover’s ear, instead of being quiet during sex.

  • Make eye contact

Making eye contact sounds intimidating. However, this intimidation can be a way of intensifying your experience. This is because extended eye contact causes a release of oxytocin. This is the hormone released during sexual intercourse.

  • Use our lips

Using your lips in oral sex is also known as “lipstick technique”. It gives some exciting sensations for men. To start, use your hand to run the head of his penis against the outline of your lips. Finally, take the head of his penis in your mouth to add more lubrication.


Deciding to have oral sex is a personal thing. Whether it’s giving or receiving oral sex, no one is forced to do so. But if you want this activity with your partner, it is a good idea to consider the tips and tricks mentioned above.

Apart from that, it is better to be safe than sorry. When doing oral sex, use appropriate sex barriers like condoms and dental dam. This is to prevent couples from acquiring sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).

Oral sex can be an enjoyable and pleasurable part of an adult relationship. Start discussing this interesting activity with your partner. Remember to do it in a safe way to make both enjoy the new experience. There are lots of online stores now that provide quality and affordable products that can be used during this exploration!


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