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                Whether you’re playing solo or with a partner, an erotic game will never be as exciting and pleasurable without using a sex toy. But sex toys nowadays come in different varieties, shapes, colours and features. So choosing the right one can overwhelming. Fortunately, certain online adult toy stores provide information about sex toys to make your shopping easy.

                Among the most common varieties of sex toys are penis-shaped. These include vibrators, dildos, several penis casting kit and more. If you want to upgrade your sex toy collection, penis casting kit can be one of the novelty items to try out. For more insights about penis casting kit, read on below.

                About penis casting kit

                For those who are not familiar with penis casting kit, it is a system kit that can allow you to replicate a penis. Generally, these kits include body-safe materials for casting. The copy of a fully-functional dildo can be used to penetrate any orifice. It can be used for anal, oral or vaginal penetration.

                Moreover, this crafted phallic object can be equipped with a vibrator. The vibrator is usually included in the kit.

                Penis casting kit has been around for over a decade. Nowadays, they can be purchased in many adult toy shops.

                Reasons why people create a replica of their penis

                • Great gift

                A penis replica can be a perfect gift for any occasion. This portable penis can make your lonesome sessions more intimate and enjoyable.

                Moreover, having an exact copy of your man’s cock can help to keep him in the forefront of your mind while doing a solo session. This will surely make your man happy, knowing that he can give you pleasure even when he’s not around.

                • Sex toy for long-distance couples

                If you’re in a long-distance relationship, an online love session is probably the only option to spice up your sex life. With that, a lifelike penis can add an element of realism in this particular on-cam session with your partner.

                • Help ease a partner into the idea of sex toys

                Another brilliant reason why people try this cock clone is to make their partner feel more comfortable when using an adult toy. Many men believe that the idea of incorporating sex toys in bed is quite intimidating and sometimes insulting. Hence, a clone-cast kit is a perfect toy to avoid those feelings.

                • Great addition for threesome

                You want to try a threesome. However, your partner is still reluctant to do this. Good thing, using a replica of your partner’s penis can be a great way to fulfil those fantasies. It can be more enjoyable knowing that you don’t actually need to introduce a third person in your intimate scene.

                Simple steps to make a penis replica

                Casting a penis is fairly simple and fun. Following these simple steps of using a penis casting kit can help you get started.

                1. Mix the moulding powder with water. Then pour them into the moulding tube.
                2. After pouring the mixture, it’s time to insert the penis in the tube until the mixture solidifies.
                3. Then, pour the rubber or silicone into the mould. Just wait for about 24 hours or until it is fully set.
                4. Once it’s all set, remove the brand new penis replica. Then, it’s time to enjoy your DIY dildo!

                Important tips in using a penis casting kit

                Whether you’re a DIY clone kit newbie or a pro in penis cloning, these few tips below can help to make your homemade dildo a perfect one.

                • Before anything else, make sure you read the instructions in the product manual. Also, be familiar with the water temperature requirements. You should also be aware of the time limit before making your mould.
                • Consider asking your partner to lend you a hand. Asking for someone to help you out in mixing the moulding powder and water is a good idea. While someone does the mixing procedure, think of some sexy thoughts or watch a naughty film to make you arouse. As a result, it will let your penis fully erect.
                • Use a thermometer. A thermometer is typically included in the penis casting kit to ensure that the water temperature is correct. Remember that warm water can make the mixture solidify faster. So the temperature of the water should be at least 90 degrees Celsius before you add the powder.
                • No need to shave your penis before casting them. However, to make the mould easy to remove, applying an ample amount of petroleum jelly on your pubic hair can help.
                • Slowly pour the silicone into the mixture. Pouring the silicone in a slow manner can prevent bubbles to appear in the final dildo.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s penis-shaped toys

                • Safe and easy to use

                All products in this collection can be used safely in the comfort of your own home. To ensure customer’s safety, the materials of the products in this collection are medically tested. Aside from being safe, they are also easy to use.

                • Variety of options

                When it comes to penis-shaped products, The Sex Garden is the best place to shop. A variety of options are provided in this collection to get the best products to try on your next intimate scene.

                What’s next?

                Whether you’re looking for a sex toy for your solo or partnered play, The Sex Garden can provide a wide range of options for you. Penis-shaped toys are here to make your experience more exciting and fun. Just feel free to browse this collection of phallic-shaped toys now!

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