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                Bad Kitty is an adult toy brand with a wide range of products for men and women. Specifically, Bad Kitty is known to provide the best BDSM accessories in the market today

                With their immense efforts, they provide high quality products for couples who want to take their erotic scene to a whole new level. You can now experience a more satisfying sexual routine and erotic playtime with your partner.

                Since Bad Kitty specialises in BDSM equipment, here are some things that you must know about BDSM. Read on below.

                What is BDSM

                BDSM stands for Bondage/Discipline/Dominance/Submission/Sadism/Masochism. It covers a wide range of erotic activities and roleplaying. These may include binding, tying or restraining a partner for aesthetic or somatosensory stimulation purposes.

                Since BDSM consists of different elements, various accessories can also be used such as ropes, cuffs or bondage tape. To understand this better, here are the elements of BDSM.

                Bondage and Discipline

                In BDSM, the bondage and discipline element refers to the activities wherein the submissive partner is restrained. These acts may include blindfolding the submissive partner or holding their hands together.
                Discipline, on the other hand, is focused on behaviour modification. These include physical and psychological punishments such as spanking or erotic humiliation.

                Dominant and Submissive

                In any BDSM relationship, there is always a dominant and submissive partner. The dominant is the one who is controlling the action. On the other hand, the submissive is the restrained partner.

                Sadism and Masochism

                This element of BDSM refers to the giving and receiving of pain. Masochist is someone who derives sexual pleasure from their own pain while the sadist is the one who derives pleasure from inflicting pain on others.

                Different types of BDSM equipment

                Nowadays, there is already a broad list of BDSM accessories available in the market. To give you a quick overview, here are some of the BDSM equipment that you’re likely to come across.

                1. BDSM restraints

                These are the most common type of BDSM equipment that couples used. Most restraints are used to tie your partner to any bed frame or chair. It usually comes in many shapes and sizes. Here are some of its popular forms.

                • Bondage ropes
                • Collars
                • Anal hooks
                • Gags
                • Cuffs

                2. BDSM equipment for impact play

                It is also a common form of BDSM wherein impacting or hitting is involved. Some couples find this kind of play arousing. Others only use their hands for this kind of play while some use various BDSM equipment. Here are the examples:

                • BDSM floggers
                • BDSM whips
                • Paddles
                • Canes

                3. Outfits and fetish wear

                Some couples like to wear sexy or fetish outfits during their erotic scene. Here are some common accessories that they use.

                • Harness
                • Catsuits
                • Latex dress
                • Hoods and masks

                4. Gears for women

                Although BDSM accessories can be used by both sexes, most of it seems to be geared toward women. Thus, there are available BDSM accessories specifically made for the nipples, pussies and butts. Below are some examples.

                • Pussy pumps
                • Chastity belts
                • Speculum
                • Nipple clamps

                5. Penis S&M (Sadism and Masochism) toys

                Torturing a man’s penis is one way to get him into the mood. Hence, extreme BDSM equipment for men is used. Here are some common examples of these toys.

                • Cock cages
                • Urethral sound
                • Penis plugs

                6. Sensory deprivation

                It is a form of sensation play wherein one or more senses are deprived to focus on the other senses. This usually results in an erotic experience for the submissive partner. Below are some examples.

                • Blindfolds
                • Sleepsack
                • Gas masks

                Why should you choose Bad Kitty BDSM accessories?

                Bad Kitty is popular for its BDSM equipment. Here are some reasons why you should get one from them. Read more here.

                Wide range of BDSM accessories

                Bad Kitty provides a wide range of BDSM accessories for couples who want to be more adventurous. They offer BDSM toys from BDSM handcuffs to penis and nipple pumps.

                High quality products

                If you are looking for high quality BDSM accessories, Bad Kitty is the right brand for you. They make sure that quality products are offered to the market. They also provide products that work as they should without overlooking its aesthetics.

                Affordable products

                You can now own BDSM accessories at an affordable price with Bad Kitty. Most of their products also come in sets or bundles. In this way, it helps increase efficiencies when buying. It also allows them to get several products in one package.

                What to do next?

                For couples who want to make their sexual fantasies into reality, why not try BDSM equipment. Incorporating BDSM accessories into your relationship can improve your communication and intimacy as a couple.

                If you are looking for an all-around brand that offers good quality BDSM equipment, Bad Kitty is the right one for you. Feel free to browse their collection of BDSM accessories here.

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