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                HUNG is a brand of adult toys that are made in Europe. This brand is popular for its butt plugs with strong suction system. Basically, their products have a hole in its base so that you can insert the strong suction cup. That is why most of their products can be enjoyed hands-free. As they say, you can definitely give your partner the ride of a lifetime!

                Some of their butt plugs have gigantic sizes that are perfect for hardcore anal sex players. There are also butt plugs that are ideal for first-time butt plug users. If you want to know more about butt plugs, read on below.

                What is a butt plug

                A butt plug is an anal toy that is inserted in the anus. Butt plugs, specifically HUNG’s products, are cleverly shaped for their function. They generally have narrow tips that get wider toward the middle part. Then, it is narrow again at the base part so that the rectum can hold them comfortably.

                Why people use butt plugs

                • Orgasms

                For those people who want to experience anal orgasms, then you must try butt plugs. Some men also use it to achieve prostate orgasm. At the same time, women can use butt plug to stimulate G-spot or A-spot which can lead to female ejaculation.

                • Stretching

                Butt plugs are usually used to stretch the anus. It is also a good toy to get you primed for bigger things such as bigger sex toys, penis or gaping. Just make sure to start with small plugs and gradually work your way up.

                • Kink

                If you are into kink, butt plugs are versatile toys for your collection. You can wear them in public or use them during submissive play.

                Are butt plugs safe?

                Butt plugs are safe to use as long as you take proper safety measures. Here are some precautions to consider when using butt plugs. Read more below.

                Use a generous amount of lubricant

                When it comes to butt play, lubes are very important. Not enough lubrication can lead to irritation. It can also result in tears or damages on the delicate skin of your anus.

                Proper handling

                It is vital to wash and disinfect any sex toy before and after using it. For butt plugs, one of the main reasons to wash it well is poop residue. Even a well-washed butt contains microscopic faecal matter that can cause infections. Apart from that, STDs can be spread when you are sharing your sex toys. Thus, it is very important to have proper care and handling of sex toys to reduce these risks.

                Health risks

                If you have haemorrhoids, anal fissures or prostate conditions, it is better to refrain from using butt plugs. Make sure to ask your doctor or other healthcare providers first.

                Quick guide on how to use it

                Here are some tips on how to make butt plugs easier to insert.


                1. To make it easier to insert, you can take a hot bath first. You can also start with some foreplay. This is to help relax your tense muscles.
                2. Apply a generous amount of lubricant around the anus and on the butt plug.
                3. To insert, press the tip of the butt plug against the anus. Then gradually increase pressure as you insert it further.
                4. You need to stop if you feel any pain. Then rest for a while.
                5. Take a deep breath. Then, repeat the process by adding more lube on the toy, trying different angles or using a smaller butt plug.

                Why should you choose HUNG butt plugs

                • Made from high quality materials

                HUNG products are all made from high quality velvety soft vinyl materials. They are also phthalate-free so it is safe on the skin. Rest assured that they only provide products that are made to give you satisfaction.

                • Strong suction system

                One of the main features of HUNG products is their strong suction system. It has a suction cup that holds extremely well on smooth surfaces including tiles, doors, mirrors and even the side of your bed. Aside from that, you can definitely enjoy their products completely hands-free.

                • Wide range of butt plugs to choose from

                HUNG produces a wide array of butt plugs and other sex toys. They are all available in various shapes and sizes. There is definitely a perfect design and size that will suit your preferences.

                What to do next

                Butt plugs can surely give pleasure and satisfaction to couples during anal play. It is also handy and safe to use. Just make sure to always go slow.

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