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                Craving for satisfying and enjoyable sex? One way to make sex fun and pleasurable is by incorporating adult toys. Adding pleasure toys during your intimate scene can help to achieve orgasm easier. Aside from that, sex toys such as stimulators can heighten arousal during foreplay.

                Before diving in using a stimulator, it’s crucial to know how this particular toy works. It is also vital to be familiar with different types of stimulators. Understanding more about this adult toy can help in choosing the right one for you. To help you decide which stimulator you actually needed for your next erotic scene, read on below.

                Sex stimulator toys

                • Clitoral vibrator

                This small vibrating adult toy is specifically designed to stimulate and massage women’s most sensitive erogenous zones, the clitoris. Basically, this device boosts the blood flow in the clitoris by creating vibrations. Other terms for clitoral vibrators are pocket rockets and clit vibrators.

                In addition, clitoral vibrators come in various designs, shapes and sizes. Their huge variety of options allows you to choose the one that suits your desire.

                • Clitoral stimulator

                Even though there are many forms of clitoral stimulators, they all have the same purpose. Just like clitoral vibes, they also aim to stimulate the clitoris. These pleasure toys generally come in bullet shape, bunny shape or lipstick vibe. Most clitoral stimulators are smaller than other sex toys. This makes them the ideal toy for novices who want to try self-pleasure or masturbation.

                • Rabbit vibrator

                If you want to experience blended orgasm, rabbit vibrator is definitely for you. These sex toys can stimulate both the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. They typically emit powerful vibrations from two separate motors. One motor is for stimulating the clit while the other one offers G-spot stimulation.

                • Wand massagers

                Wand massager is known for its powerful motor. That’s the reason why people who enjoy intense vibration prefer to use this adult toy. Aside from their powerful motor, they often have a long and slender handle.

                Furthermore, this device has a baseball sized-massager on the tip. This massager typically vibrates. Its vibration can provide deeper, rumbling and powerful stimulation for the user.

                • Prostate stimulator

                The prostate is a male gland that has the shape and size of a walnut. When it is stimulated, men can experience more intense and powerful orgasms. Basically, there is an adult toy specifically designed to stimulate this male gland. This is the prostate stimulator.

                A prostate stimulator is an adult toy that is almost the same as butt plugs and dildos. But they typically have a bulbous tip. Their shape enables them to easily reach the prostate particularly when they’re inserted into the anus.

                Techniques in using stimulators with a partner

                Stimulators can be used during solo play. However, if you want to enjoy this toy with your lover, these few techniques below can help.

                Use a stimulator during foreplay

                Foreplay is a sexual act that makes intercourse more enjoyable and pleasurable. This sexual activity can be more fun by using stimulator sex toys.

                When using a stimulator during foreplay, start by dragging them softly over your lover’s sensitive body parts. These areas may include nipples, breasts, thighs, neck and other erogenous zones.

                Once your partner gets aroused, it’s time to focus on stimulating their vagina. Keep on teasing your partner’s genital. Gently run the stimulator around the labia and above the clitoris. Your lover will definitely crave more direct contact by using this technique.

                Gentle teasing

                This technique is almost the same as stimulator foreplay. However, it only focuses directly on stimulating your partner’s genital. Usually, it is done in a light and gentle motion.

                Generally, gentle teasing starts by placing the stimulator on the bottom part of the vagina. Then gradually drag this toy upward and toward the clitoris. With this technique, your partner will definitely ask for more intense stimulation.

                Penetration with stimulator sex toy

                The majority of stimulators are used for external stimulation. However, certain types of stimulators are safe to use for penetration. If you want to use a stimulator for this purpose, make sure that the toy you’re going to use is smooth, won’t absorb bodily fluids and no rough edges.

                Moreover, using a condom is essential for your safety. Additionally, if you want to intensify your experience, apply an ample amount of lube to your stimulator.

                Test the speed of the stimulator

                Most stimulators come with various speeds of vibrations. For novices, it’s crucial to start with the lower speed. Just go for a higher speed setting as you get familiar with these toys.

                To get the best vibration setting for your lover, experimenting with this toy is necessary. Choosing the most comfortable setting can provide more satisfaction and pleasure.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s stimulators

                • Variety of options

                When it comes to stimulators, The Sex Garden offers a wide variety of options for beginners and even for expert users. Various types of stimulators from different brands are available here to cater to all the needs of the customers.

                • High-quality

                You will never go wrong when choosing The Sex Garden’s collection since all items here are quality tested. Aside from that, The Sex Garden’s products are made from premium materials. This is to ensure that their customer will get the most out of this toy without compromising their safety.

                What’s next

                If you’re looking for an adult toy to stimulate your erogenous zones, The Sex Garden can provide the best one for you. Stimulators in this collection are perfect for people who are longing for a more satisfying and enjoyable experience in bed. Feel free to browse this collection and pick the stimulator that perfectly suits your needs and desire.

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