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guide to nipple stimulation

For those who want to make their sex wilder, hotter and more intense, they should add nipple play to their routine. Nipples are known to be a wondrous erogenous zone. It has approximately more than 800 nerve endings. Thus, stimulating the nipples can sometimes bring a woman to orgasm. In fact, nipple play can release a happy hormone called oxytocin.

If you still haven’t tried nipple play or nipple stimulation before, then you may be missing out on a lot of fun. To help you start out your journey to nipple play, here is a quick guide and tips for beginners.

What is nipple stimulation?

Nipple play, nipple stimulation or breast stimulation is a practice of rubbing, touching, or sucking on the nipples during sex. This sexual act can be performed upon or by people regardless of their gender and sexual orientation.

Tips for an effective nipple play

  • Touch the nipples

A simple caress to the breast can be highly erotic. You can give a gentle, featherlike rub to the nipples. Rubbing the areola in a circular motion can also be very satisfying. You can do these using your fingers, tongue or a vibrating sex toy. Level up the sensation by slathering a quality massage oil.

  • Take your time

One of the important keys to achieve nipple play satisfaction is to get things slow. Just pay attention to every stroke make to provide a more pleasurable experience.

Moreover, it is vital to communicate with your partner about your preferences when it comes to nipple play. This is because, not all people want to be sucked or bitten. Some may only prefer licking their nipples. While others may love a more hardcore play by incorporating BDSM activities like flogging or spanking.

  • Experiment with what feels good

There are a lot of things that you can do during your nipple play session. One thing is to tickle the nipples with your mouth or fingers. This can build up the sensation during foreplay.

Furthermore, others may feel excited when their nipples are pinched and slowly twisted. With that, a sex toy like nipple clamps can be used. This toy can stimulate the nipples at different pressures.

Aside from tickling and pinching the nipples, there are so many ways to play around with this erogenous area. You just have to experiment and see which one can do the magic. Increase the intensity

To heighten the tension and pleasure, try to increase the intensity of stimulation by twirling your fingers around the nipples. Continue stimulating the nipples until your lover’s genital become aware of the titillating sensation. You may also increase the pressure by pulling, circling and sucking the nipples. This will make the nipple more sensitive to touch.

  • Use sex toys

When it comes to nipple play, sex toys like vibrators, nipple suckers and nipple clamps are perfect to use. Using vibrators can provide a consistent sensation on your breast. Nipple suckers and nipple clamps can also give unique feels. These toys are also great to use if you want a more concentrated stimulation.

  • Assign a safe word

Like any other sexual routine, you should also assign a safe word when trying nipple stimulation. A safe word can be a random word that both of you establish beforehand. You can use this word if you are uncomfortable or feel any pain and wants to stop the stimulation.

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What to do next

There are a lot of things that you can do when it comes to nipple play. All you need to remember is to explore and experiment with the different sensations. You can also use various sex toys according to your preferences. These toys can heighten up your pleasure and will help you discover new ways to tantalise your nipples.

If you are in need of nipple accessories on your next nipple stimulation, feel free to check out The Sex Garden’s collection. Aside from nipple accessories, they supply other types of sex toys depending on your sexual needs and desires.


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