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8 reasons to use personal lubricants

on November 26, 2019

Personal lubricants or lubes are specialized gel/oil used during any sexual acts. It can be used during foreplay, masturbation or sexual intercourse. It can also be used for solo play, couple’s play or group play.

When it comes to personal lubricants, choosing the one for you is a matter of personal preference. It comes in different shapes, sizes, flavours, textures and other varieties.

Unfortunately, some people don’t understand the idea of using personal lubricants. Some of them even think that it is unnecessary to use one.

Not many people know that personal lubes are very important in every sexual activity. To understand more about this, here are 8 reasons to use personal lubricants. Read on below.

1. For vaginal dryness

Normally, a woman’s vagina has the ability to produce its natural lubrication. However, there will be some instances where they may suffer from vaginal dryness. This can be an indication of stress, fatigue, dehydration, various health conditions, post-menopausal and more.

With personal lubricant, sexual intercourse can be much easier for individuals who suffer from vaginal dryness. Lubes can add extra moisture that person with vaginal dryness needs. As what they say, “wetter is better”.

2. Lubes can introduce new feelings during erotic play

Even if you don’t experience dryness, lubes are used as a stimulant to enhance any sexual activity. According to a study, using lubricants during sex, whether you are alone or with a partner can make it more pleasurable and satisfying. Personal lubes have been recommended for women to improve comfort and enhance new sensations during sexual intercourse.

3. For people who use adult toys

Using sex toys can also add a different level of excitement and pleasure to any bedtime scene. However, it is highly recommended to always add a bit of lubricant to your sex toy first before using it. This is because adult toys do not produce their own lubrication. Using lubes can also make the insertion of the sex toy less abrasive and less damaging.

4. For long-lasting sex

Using any other liquid such as saliva during sex is possible. However, this is not enough. Saliva also tends to dry up fast.

Personal lubes are more effective to use than saliva. It also makes your sexual routine more satisfying and long-lasting.

5. To prevent infections

Without enough lubrication, there will always be friction during sexual activity. When there is friction, it generates heat and encourages the growth of bacteria.

Thus, it is advised to use personal lubes to avoid a rug burn on your vagina. Less friction also makes sex more fun. Furthermore, using lubes can even prevent unplanned pregnancy.

6. To lessen the pain and makes insertion more seamless

Having well-lubricated genitals and/or sex toys is important in every erotic routine. Not enough lubrication can cause pain during penetration. Moreover, using personal lubricant can reduce the risk of vaginal tearing.

Using lubes is also important during anal play. Your butt doesn’t normally produce its own lubrication. Thus, using lubes makes anal play possible and more pleasurable.

7. For condoms

Did you know that personal lubes can also be used for condoms? It is known that it is easier and more enjoyable to use condoms with personal lubricant. However, using a much-lubricated condom is not always effective. This is because it may slip off during sex.

Hence, it is recommended to only apply lube at the tip of the condom. Then, before it dries up, add a little more lube into it. You can also add a little lube on your partner’s cock before putting on the condom for extra pleasure.

8. For oral sex

Today, personal lubricants with flavours are now available in the market. This type of lube can make oral sex more fun and exciting. Moreover, using flavoured lube during oral sex is safer that using whipped cream or honey.

You also don’t need to worry about swallowing the lube because most of the flavoured lubes are safe to consume. Still, swallowing large quantities is not advisable.


Personal lubricant is a must-have tool in any sexual routine. It is also one of the best bedroom enhancers for singles and couples. It makes sex wetter, smoother, more exciting and longer-lasting.

Even if you don’t have problems getting wet on your own, it’s a smart decision to keep a bottle of personal lubricant on hand. It will also make your erotic routine fun-filled and experimental.

If you are interested in personal lubricants, you can go to your favourite online sex toy shop to purchase. Buying your sex essentials online is more convenient than going to your local shop. They provide a wide range of sex toys, lubricants, BDSM accessories and many more.


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