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                All men want to provide their partner with sexual satisfaction during an erotic scene. However, some of them may experience premature ejaculation (PE). This is a male sexual condition characterised by the inability to control ejaculation. A man with PE usually experiences early ejaculation. In worst cases, they ejaculate even during foreplay.

                This sexual condition can be a stressful and frustrating experience for men. It may even affect their sexual life. Good thing, premature ejaculation can be treated nowadays. With the help of premature ejaculation creams and sprays, symptoms can be prevented. For further insights about PE creams and sprays, read here.

                Why does premature ejaculation happen?

                Premature ejaculation is a very common sexual condition among men. In fact, studies show that almost 39% of men experience PE. This particular problem occurs because of the following factors.

                Physical factors

                • Men with sensitive penis ejaculate quickly.
                • A man with prostate problems like benign prostatic hyperplasia usually experience PE.
                • Men who are suffering from back pain caused by lower lumbosacral lesions to the spine may also experience premature ejaculation.

                Psychological factors

                • A man who has anxiety about their sexual performance has a higher risk of experiencing PE.
                • Stress, depression, and other psychological health issues can also affect men’s sexual performance.
                • Most men experiencing problems in their relationship usually ejaculate quickly during sexual intercourse.

                About premature ejaculation creams and sprays

                PE creams and sprays are products that are often applied to the penis to reduce sensation and delay ejaculation. They contain desensitising agents. These include lidocaine or benzocaine.

                These products are commonly applied to the tip of the penis before an intimate scene. Some people use a condom to ensure that these products will not be absorbed into their partner’s genitals. In addition, using a condom can prevent side effects like allergic reaction.

                How premature ejaculation cream works

                As mentioned above, this type of cream is applied at the tip or glans of the penis. They usually work by providing a numbing effect to the tip or glans of the penis. Since it makes the penis less sensitive, it prevents men from experiencing quick ejaculation. In addition, it can increase the average pre-ejaculation time up to 8.7 minutes.

                How a premature ejaculation spray works

                PE sprays work the same way as PE creams. They both create numbness so that the penis will become less sensitive to touch.

                These products can effectively increase the average ejaculation time. Basically, it can increase the ejaculation time from 1.24 minutes to 11.21 minutes. This means that PE sprays can significantly improve men’s sexual performance.

                Advantages of using PE creams vs. PE sprays

                PE creams

                PE cream provides couples with a longer time to enjoy sex. As a result, they usually experience sexual satisfaction by using this type of cream.

                PE creams are also cheaper than PE sprays. Furthermore, they are widely available in most pharmacies. So you can buy them easily whenever you need them.

                In addition, they are usually applied 30 minutes before sex to make it work properly.

                PE sprays

                When PE sprays are applied properly, it can improve the ejaculation latency time by up to 10 minutes. Like PE creams, they also give couples more time to enjoy their erotic scene.

                Moreover, they are fast-acting. You just have to wait for only 10-15 minutes before it took effect.

                Additionally, you can easily get the right dose to your penis with PE spray. This is because they usually come in a metered-dose spray bottle.

                Frequently asked questions about PE creams and sprays

                Are PE creams and sprays safe to use?

                Most PE creams and sprays are tested and safe to use. That’s why most men use these products nowadays. However, if you’re allergic to lidocaine or benzocaine, avoid using PE creams and sprays.

                Before using PE creams and sprays, it is suggested to consult your health professional. This is to avoid any side effects to occur after using them.

                Do PE creams and sprays have side effects?

                If PE creams and sprays are used according to their recommended dose, they usually have minimal or no side effects on men. Nevertheless, side effects occur if an excessive amount of creams and sprays are used. These may include the following:

                • There’s a possibility of temporary loss of sensitivity. This will cause difficulty in maintaining an erection during sex or foreplay.
                • It may also cause a burning sensation and skin irritation.
                • Men can also experience excessive numbness.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s creams and sprays

                • Effective

                If you want to level up your sexual performance in bed, The Sex Garden offers the most effective PE creams and sprays. Aside from that, their items are all made from high-quality materials.

                • Safe to use

                The Sex Garden always prioritise the safety of their customers. That’s why they only offer products from trusted brands to ensure customer satisfaction.

                • Affordable

                If you’re looking for a PE cream and spray, browse this collection from The Sex Garden. They offer the most affordable and quality products in the market today.

                What’s next?

                Finding a highly effective delay cream and spray is now easy. Just browse this collection and find the one suited to your needs and desires. With these products, you will definitely experience sexual satisfaction on your next intimate scene. Hurry! Grab your choice now!

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