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                According to studies, almost 45% of men are not satisfied with their penis size while others find it hard to get and maintain orgasm. These sexual issues mostly affect men’s confidence and self-esteem. In worst cases, it leads to problems in their relationship.

                But today it’s not an issue anymore because sex toy manufacturers have developed a useful device to solve these problems. With a penis pump, men can now experience larger and harder erection in just a minute. This device usually comes with accessories to intensify their experience and for added protection. To learn more about penis pumps and their accessories, read on below.

                About penis pump

                Before buying pump accessories and replacement, it’s a good idea to know what a penis pump is. A penis pump or vacuum pump is a device that helps men to experience satisfaction in bed. Apart from that, it helps men with difficulties in getting and keeping an erection.

                A penis pump temporarily increases the blood flow into the penis to sustain an erection during an intimate scene. Using a penis pump can also be an alternative solution for people who struggle with erectile dysfunction or ED.

                Main parts of penis pump

                A penis pump consists of three main parts. These include a plastic tube, a vacuum pack or pump, and a seal or ring.

                1. Plastic tube - It is a cylindrical plastic pipe that slides over the penis.
                2. Vacuum pack or pump – It can be water, air, or battery-operated. Its main purpose is to trigger erection and remove the air from the tube.
                3. Seal or ring – this type of ring usually attached around the bottom of the cylindrical tube. They’re responsible for creating a tight seal. This means that they don’t let the air come out of the tube.

                Add-ons for penis pumps

                Pressure gauge

                Did you know that this accessory is an important part of a penis pump? Though sometimes it is ignored by certain pump users, it is crucial to have this accessory because it measures the pressure inside the plastic tube. This makes a penis pump a safe device to use.

                Vacuum limiters

                Aside from the pressure gauge, you can also get some penis pumps with a vacuum limiter. Like the pressure gauge, it allows the user to monitor the pressure inside the tube.

                Knowing the pressure inside the tube of a penis pump is vital to prevent unfortunate incidents. This is because applying too much pressure may result to swollen penis and oedema. High pressure inside the pump can even pop the blood vessels in the penis. Hence, it is suggested to look for a penis pump with a vacuum limiter when purchasing.

                Quick-release valve

                Just like pressure gauge and vacuum limiter, a quick-release valve is another safety accessory that you have to consider. As its name implies, this valve will allow you to quickly release the pressure inside the tube. Apart from being easy to use, a penis pump with a quick-release valve is safer than the usual ones.

                Penis pumps sleeves and comfort pads

                A penis pump sleeve is an accessory that provides comfort and pleasure when a penis pump is used. It provides extra padding and increases the seal’s tightness.

                On the other hand, comfort pads increase the overall comfort while using a penis pump. Though a penis pump is usually smooth, there are some instances that their edges can cause discomfort and skin irritations. To avoid this to happen, a comfort pad that is made from neoprene or silicone can be used.

                Constriction ring

                Basically, this constriction ring fits around the penis’ base. They limit the blood flow into the penis. This is to maintain an erection after pulling them out of the plastic tube.

                The penis can maintain an erection for an average of 30 minutes with the help of constriction ring. This erection time will depend on the penis size and on the initial level of erection.

                Importance of using pressure gauge or vacuum limiter

                Pressure gauge and vacuum limiter are not only used to prevent injuries. They are essential accessories for the following reasons:

                • For novices, they might not know when to stop pumping. With a pressure gauge or vacuum limiter, they will be able to know the amount of pressure inside the tube. With these accessories, pump users can immediately stop pumping and get out of the tube if they’re already satisfied with the size of their penis.
                • It can also be an essential add-on for future reference. After using a vacuum limiter or pressure gauge for the first time, it’s a great idea to mark the level of pressure needed for optimal erection. This can help to make your next pumping easier.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s pump accessories and replacement?

                • Budget-friendly

                When looking for pump accessories, The Sex Garden is the right place to shop. Aside from providing a lot of options, their products usually come in a low price range. They can provide options depending on your budget.

                • High-quality and safe to use

                The Sex Garden not only offer affordable products, but they also provide high-quality pump accessories and replacement to ensure customer satisfaction. On top of that, items in this collection are made from quality materials to provide safety for the user.

                What’s next?

                Looking for pump accessories and replacement? Don’t hesitate to browse this collection. You can find here the best accessories for your penis pump. Hurry! Try these items and enjoy a safe pumping experience now!

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