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                One night stand is a brand of adult toys for solo play and couple’s play. They specifically produce high quality vibrators. These vibrators usually come in various shapes and sizes. Some of their remarkable products include mini-massager/vibrator in keychain form, vibro-penis ring, pocket wand vibrator, clitoral vibrator and many more.

                Most of their items are ideal for stimulating female intimate areas. Aside from that, it has various features that are perfect for first-time vibrator users.

                Are you curious about One Night Stand brand and its vibrators? Read on below to learn more.

                10 things to know before buying a vibrator

                1. Consider the size

                If you are a first-timer, it will be challenging to predict which size is going to bring the most pleasure. With so many choices, some may be overwhelmed. Unfortunately, this feeling can lead to anxiety.

                When it comes to vibrators, there is a wide array of sizes to choose from. It is important to have your research first before purchasing.

                For beginners, it is suggested to consider what you enjoy most when masturbating or having sex. You can select from small vibrators that can even disguise as a necklace to large vibrators with penis-like appearance.

                2. Narrow down your ideal size and sensation

                After you’ve decided on the width and length, you can now choose what size and sensation you want. Knowing what sensation you want will help you decide the best shape for vibrator.

                There are five different types of pleasure sensations that most people look for. These are internal, clitoral, internal-clitoral combo, anal and double penetration (vaginal and anal). With these sensations, there are tons of uniquely shaped vibrators available for you.

                3. Where to buy

                Once you are ready, you can go to a sex toy store to shop for vibrators. But if you are too shy to do that, do not fret. You can go ahead and add your favourite sex toy to your online cart instead.

                4. Look closely at its material and texture

                Before your first purchase, it is vital to check what the vibrator is made of. One of the most popular materials used for vibrator is silicone. Fortunately, One Night Stand vibrators are all made from high-quality silicone material.

                This material transmits vibration well. At the same time, it is also non-porous. This means that there are no toxic materials that will be trapped inside the vibrator.

                Other good options include stainless steel, metal and hard plastic. What you need to avoid are jelly-like rubber toys. Most of these products contain harmful phthalates.

                5. Make sure that you like its appearance

                Regardless of how powerful your vibrator will be, it would be a huge disappointment to buy something that looks scary or aesthetically unappealing. Sex experts say that the aesthetics of a vibrator is almost as important as what you vibrator does.

                6. Vibration settings

                There are vibrators with tons of settings that allow you to manipulate different vibration patterns, intensity and speed. In this way, you can easily figure out which vibration setting is best for you.

                7. Familiarise yourself with all the features

                The spectrum of features in a vibrator is endless. To name a few, there are waterproof vibrators, capable of vibration and suction sensations, remote-operated ones, vibrators that sync with your favourite playlist and vibrates to the beat.

                Choosing which special features you want for a vibrator will totally depend on your personality and your budget. Nonetheless, it is better to always start with simple ones. Then when you are ready, you can upgrade with the special feature that you want.

                8. Establish your budget

                Setting up your budget when it comes to vibrators is vital before purchasing. There are some inexpensive vibrators that can give you chills and intense sensation. However, if you decide to invest more, you can find vibrators with cooler features such as easy on/off buttons, multiple attachments and many more.

                9. Don’t forget your cleaning supplies

                When it comes to sex toy cleaning supplies, don’t settle for less. Use a gentle body soap and lukewarm water. You can also use a specialised sex toy cleaner. These are usually alcohol-free and paraben-free.

                10. Pick a safe storage spot

                Vibrators can be stored in your nightstand or underwear drawer. Your bathroom drawer or the sex toy case (if it is available) can also be a perfect spot. Just make sure that these areas do not have any oils, powders or perfume around them.

                Why should you use One night stand vibrators

                • High quality materials

                Vibrators from One Night Stand are all made from high-quality silicone material. All their products are also phthalate-free, soft and odourless. This means that it is safe to use for women with sensitive skin.

                • Handy

                Their products are designed to be handy and travel-friendly. For instance, their pocket-wand vibrator has a keychain design. You can carry it wherever you want!

                • Powerful vibration function

                One Night Stand vibrators are packed with powerful vibration functions that will make your toes curl. It will give you intense vibration that will bring a perfect climax. You can definitely experience a whole new sensation when you choose their products.

                What’s next

                Choosing an ideal brand when it comes to vibrators can be crucial. Luckily, One Night Stand is the ultimate brand if you are searching for high-quality vibrators. They will surely give you the best vibrator experience ever!

                Check out more of their products in this collection. You will surely find a perfect vibrator that will suit your erotic needs.

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