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                As with other sex toys in the market today, balls and beads come in numerous varieties. So choosing is quite intimidating, particularly for novices. For Kegel balls and anal beads, it is vital to know that these adult toys offer different types of sensations for the user. Even though they’re small, these pleasure toys can be an amazing tool to intensify your experience.

                Perhaps you haven’t thought of using Kegel balls and anal beads before. But once you understand that these sex toys can provide a unique type of pleasure, for sure you will purchase one. To learn more about these toys, here is a quick overview of Kegel balls and anal beads.

                What are Kegel balls?

                Ben Wa Balls, love balls, Burmese balls and geisha balls are other terms for Kegel balls. This type of adult toy is usually inserted into the vagina. Its main purpose is to strengthen women’s pelvic floor muscles.

                Generally, women used Kegel balls to boost their sex life. In addition, it provides them with powerful sensations and better orgasm.

                Selecting the Kegel ball design

                Basically, Kegel balls are available in two basic designs. These are single balls and two balls. To guide you in choosing the design for Kegel balls, here are their differences:

                Single Kegel ball design:

                • This design is ideal for beginners.
                • It has the lightest weight.
                • Suited for small internal size.

                Two Kegel ball design:

                • This design is suited for women who love to use Kegel balls that are progressing in size.
                • It is usually medium to heavy weight.
                • Suited for medium up to large internal size.

                Preparations before using Kegel balls

                Proper cleaning of your Kegel balls before inserting it into the vagina is necessary. You can do this by simply cleaning them with the use of warm water and antibacterial soap. Then don’t forget to use a clean towel to dry your Kegel balls.

                After preparing your toy, make sure to apply an ample amount of lube in the opening of the vagina. This will help you to prevent discomfort while inserting the toy inside the vagina.

                How to insert Kegel balls

                After cleaning and applying lube in Kegel balls, it’s time to try it out:

                • Lie down in a comfortable position. Usually, “spread eagle position” is the best position when using Kegel balls.
                • Insert the first ball in a slow and steady manner.
                • Slip the Kegel balls inside the vagina.
                • Then gently start inserting the second ball.
                • As far as you’re comfortable, gently push the other balls inside the vagina.
                • Make sure that the removal string or loop is hanging outside the vagina. Doing this will enable you to pull out the toy easily once you’re done.
                • Finally, hold the Kegel balls inside the vagina. In this way, you can tighten your pelvic floor muscles.

                What are anal beads?

                Basically, anal beads are made up of spheres or balls which are attached together in series. It is inserted in the anus and removed with various speeds to enhance pleasure. Many people used this toy during foreplay or masturbation.

                Things you need to know before using anal beads

                • It stimulates the erogenous zone in the anus

                The anus has its own erogenous zones. And once it is stimulated, it can bring an exciting and pleasurable experience. The anal sphincter muscles in particular are the parts that are being stimulated when anal beads are moved in and out of the anus.

                • Lube is the key to heighten your experience

                Good quality lube is a must when you use anal beads. Since the anus doesn’t provide its own lubrication, it is ideal to use a slippery water-based lube for easy insertion. Moreover, it is a great idea to apply a bit of lube to your toy before inserting it.

                • Silicone is the best option

                There are several types of anal beads depending on the material used. But the best option is the one that is made of silicone. This is because silicone is known for being body-safe, porous, flexible, doesn’t harbour bacteria and easy to use.

                • Try it for solo play first

                Trying anal beads for solo play will help you figure out what will work best for you. You can even explore anal adventure using this toy in the shower while masturbating.

                • Sanitise anal beads after used

                Since a lot of bacteria can be found in your butt, sanitising your toy after using it is very important. Cleaning it properly is a must to prevent the transmission of STIs, particularly if you share it with your partner.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden's  balls and beads?

                Great for beginners

                The Sex Garden provides a wide range of beginner toy to choose from. A standard variety of anal beads is available especially for novices out there. This type of anal beads comes with spheres that are progressing in size.

                Kegel balls in this collection are available in different weights and sizes. This will enable first-timers to find the right fit suited for their preferences. And if you want to intensify your experience with this toy, it is ideal to choose the vibrating one.

                Made from high-quality materials

                Most anal beads in this collection are made from silicone. Since this type of material doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, these toys are all safe to use.

                The Sex Garden’s Kegel balls are also usually made from silicone balls. Aside from that, they are waterproof, odour-resistant, hypoallergenic and phthalate-free.


                If you want to value your money when buying sex toy, choose from this collection now. Apart from being safe to use, toys from The Sex Garden’s collection of balls and beads have reasonable prices.

                What to do next

                If you are looking for good quality Kegel balls and anal beads, then you are in the right place. Check out this collection of balls and beads and pick the best one for you!

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