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                Whips and paddles are sex toys that are generally used during impact play. For starters, they probably don’t have any idea about impact play. Essentially, this erotic play is a form of BDSM practice. It is an act of striking another person using hands or a sex toy for sexual gratification.

                Most novices perform impact play by spanking their lover using their hands. Contrarily, experienced couples often use sex toys that are designed for this purpose. This is to make this erotic activity more fun and exciting. To understand more about these sex toys, read this information below.

                About whips and paddles


                These are thin and fairly long leather adult toys. They are also flexible. They usually have a single tail. Other styles have smaller flared tails. This particular style has a split towards its end.

                Moreover, a whip usually has a solid grip handle. It allows the user to manipulate, twist and flick them easily.


                A paddle is primarily used during impact play or BDSM scene. It aims to give a light or heavy spank to a partner during sexual acts.

                It is an adult toy with two flat sides and a handle. They are also well-known as “ping pong paddles”. They are often made from wood or leather. Like other sex toys, paddles come in various styles, designs and colours.

                Types of impact play

                Impact play comes in different forms. A few of them are discussed below.


                This form of impact play is also referred to as spankophilia or erotic spanking. If you’re new to spanking, using your hand is a great way to start. As you get comfortable with this erotic play, just add an object or a sex toy to heighten sexual arousal.

                A paddle is an ideal toy to spank your partner. This is because it is designed for this purpose. Moreover, certain objects such as leather belt, wooden spoon, and slappers can be used during spanking.

                Generally, spanking is done during foreplay or sexual intercourse. It is usually enjoyed by people who get sexually aroused when they inflict pain on their lover.


                It is a form of impact play that uses a flogger to hit or strike a partner on different parts of their body. This erotic activity provides different sensations. The sensation usually depends on the technique and type of flogger used.

                Flogging can also be gentle or painful depending on the couple’s desire. If you want to experience slight sensation, do slow and steady swings. On the other hand, quick and sharp movements can create a sting. And if you want to give your partner plenty of physical stimulation, you can try flogging at varying speeds and intensities.


                This form of impact play is similar to flogging. However, you have to understand that whipping can inflict cuts and draw blood. Hence, it is necessary to try it first on a pillow or dummy before whipping a partner.

                A whip is a sex toy that is specifically made for whipping. They are usually made from various types of material. The most common is leather.

                Whips also come in different types. These are the following:

                • Dragon tail – It is a very popular type of whip. They are ideal for beginners because they are easy to use and control.
                • Bull whip – It is a traditional whip. They usually have a rigid handle that is directly connected to a thong. During BDSM scene, a dominant partner can use a bull whip to punish their submissive ones.
                • Stock whip – It is a type of whip with a long handle. Their length ranges from 3-10 feet. Stock whip is typically made of red or green hide leather. Their end has a cracker or popper. It usually produces a cracking noise when in use.
                • Quirt – It is ideal for novices. They have a few similarities to a stock whip. But they are smaller than stock whip. They also have a forked tail at the end.
                • Snake whip – This is a braided and single-tailed whip. Basically, it resembles the scale of a snake.


                It is a technique that is primarily used during BDSM scene. In caning, the dominant person repeatedly strikes their submissive partner using a long cane.

                For beginners, you have to be very careful with caning. This is because it might cause bruises, marks, and skin cuts.

                The common target areas during caning are the buttocks and upper thighs. You can also give your lover light cane strokes on the sensitive parts of their body. These may include breasts and genitals. Instead of using a full-sized cane, use a thin spatula on these body parts to prevent possible injuries.

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                What’s next?

                Explore the world of BDSM play by using whips and paddles from this collection. The Sex Garden’s sex toys provide an amazing experience for beginners and expert users. Grab your choice here and try impact play on your next erotic scene.

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