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                Dildos are considered the most common sex toy nowadays. It usually comes in different sizes, designs and colours. But when it comes to high-quality dildos, Realistixxx is one of the leading brands today. They provide numerous toys that can give satisfaction to single ladies, single men and even couples.

                Aside from dildos, they also produce other sex toys such as masturbation sleeves and vibrator. They are all made to provide satisfaction like no other. Read below to learn more about dildos.

                Guide for buying your first dildo

                Buying your first dildo can be exciting and a little frustrating at the same time. Some may need to purchase different types of dildos just to find the best one for them. Before purchasing, it is a good idea to equip yourself with the right information. Read more below.

                • Does it have a safe label?

                When it comes to dildos and other sex toys, your safety always comes first. You must be sure that the dildo you are about to buy is made from quality materials. The recommended safe sex toy materials are glass, non-porous or wood.

                To ensure that you are buying adult toys that are safe to use, always look for the safety label on the packaging.

                • Take your time

                For first-timers, you should take your time when choosing or looking for a dildo. Research the manufacturer and their products. Ask yourself if what excites you during sex.

                Selecting a dildo from a popular and expensive brand doesn’t mean that it is also the best for you. Understanding what will work for you may take a long time. Just be patient and don’t be shy to explore your body.

                • Different types of dildo

                Here are some of the popular types of dildo. Choose below which one will suit your sexual needs.

                1. Glass – this type is perfect for couples who want to try temperature play and hard stimulation
                2. Silicone – this is specifically made to be flexible for easier stimulation
                3. Large dildo – this dildo is for those who like the feeling of being stretched and full
                4. Double-ended – this allows double penetration. This type of dildo is also flexible and ideal for those who want a full feeling.
                5. Metal – just like glass dildo, this type is also used for temperature play. It is also used for more rigid stimulation.
                6. Non-realistic – this dildo has no anatomy. It is used for those who want to experiment with different roleplay scenarios.
                7. With suction cup – can be used to enjoy hands-free stimulation. Thus, allows you to get to different positions
                • Invest in a good lube

                Whether you are a beginner or an expert sex toy player, you will always need lube. You have to make your dildo easy to insert and comfortable to use. For first-time users, it is best to use water-based lubricants.

                • Know your budget

                You have to ask yourself first how much do you want to spend on a dildo. There are different types of dildos in the market today that ranges from $50 to $450 depending on the material used and other features.

                If you have a specific budget for your dildo, then stick with it. But for those who have more, you can invest in some high-quality and luxurious dildo.

                Important reminders for dildo users 


                1. Always use a dildo that is made from medical-grade silicone since they are not toxic.
                2. If you are planning to share your dildo, always use a condom for hygiene purposes.
                3. Do not forget to clean your dildo before and after you use it.
                4. If your dildo has batteries (especially if it is vibrating), remove it when the toy is not in use.
                5. Purchase a dildo that is perfect for your preferred length and girth. For novices, always start with dildo that is short-ended.

                Why should you use Realistixxx dildo

                • Amazing suction cup

                Realistixxx dildos have suction cups that allow you to ride your dildo in different positions. It is suitable to use for flat surfaces. Their products are also flexible which gives you the freedom to go deep or shallow.

                • Various sizes to fit your preferences

                Realistixxx dildos are available in different sizes. You will surely find your perfect fit with Realistixxx dildos.

                • Realistic look and feel

                Realistixxx dildos are described as hyper-realistic. It has a realistic appearance. It also provides realistic sensation for you! You will never forget the intense sensation it gives!

                What’s next?

                Dildos can be your best friend when it comes to bedtime play. When you find the right one that will suit your preferences, then you will surely experience an ultimate erotic play ever! Realistixxx will provide the best dildo just for you!

                Go ahead and browse their product collection here! Realistixxx products can give it all for you! Hurry and try it now!

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