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                Nomi Tang is an Asian-German owned brand of adult products that started in 2008. It aims to develop a range of high quality products to meet the demands of their consumers. Their products can be a perfect gift for special someone or a nice treat for yourself.

                Nomi Tang is well known for its quality lubricant in the market. They manufacture lubricants with high quality materials to make sure that they meet their customer’s erotic needs.

                Here is a quick guide for you about personal lubricants.

                Benefits of using lubricants

                • Your sexual life will be more pleasurable if you use lubes

                Lubricants reduce the friction between the penis and vagina during sexual activity. Moreover, it can also help enhance the arousal and can keep the vagina skin soft.

                • Lubricant is essential when you are dealing with vaginal dryness

                Breastfeeding women, those who take medications, breast cancer survivors and person with Sjogren’s syndrome usually experience vaginal dryness. So the use of lubricants in these situations can be helpful. They can apply the lubricant before sexual activity to prevent itching, burning, chafing and other discomforts.

                • Lubricant can help sexual activity more fun in the bedroom

                Lubricants with flavours can sometimes add zest to your oral sex experience. Moreover, warming lubes can also add a little bit of tingle to your sex life.

                Things to know before purchasing lube

                If it’s your first time purchasing lubricants, it is very important to choose the one that is safe to use. Some lubricants may contain artificial flavours, colours, sugars, essential oils and extra additives. Thus, it is better to check the ingredients list, read product reviews, or ask sex toy experts before your first purchase.

                Some lubricants may also have glycerine or glycerol. It is used in lubricants to provide warming sensations or extra slipperiness. However, high concentration of glycerol can have a negative effect on anal and vaginal tissues. Thus, it causes damage and dehydration to these particular tissues. Even worst, it may increase the risk of STIs.

                If you are trying to conceive, make sure to buy a lube that is specific for conception. Some lubricants may decrease sperm motility, so you must be careful with these.

                Do people with allergies can use lubricant?

                Unfortunately, lubricants are not suitable for those people with allergies. So they must avoid using it for their safety. If someone is prone to yeast infections, they must also avoid using lubes made with glycerine and other sugar alcohols.

                What is the right amount of lube to use?

                Many people have their own preferences when it comes to lubricant. But most couples enjoy sex by using generous amount of lubes. They find lubricant as an addition to enhance sensation and reduce the risk of irritation and small tears. It also heightens every stroke, thrust and licks during love making.

                However, if sex is painful to you, increasing the amount of lubrication is not always the answer. There are some illnesses that have symptoms of pain during sexual intercourse. This may include skin disorders, inflammation, infections, hormonal changes, trauma and others. Therefore, it is important to see your healthcare provider before using any kind of lubricant.

                Different lubes have different functions in sex

                Most of the time, lube are used for vaginal sex. Moreover, lubricants are also recommended if you want to try anal play. This is true because your anus does not produce its natural lubricant. Hence, using lube during anal penetration is a must.

                If you want to use lube in anal play, choosing thicker lubes will be better. Silicone lube is the best lube for your anal penetration. This kind of lube lasts longer than any other types of lubricants. Thus, there will be minimal discomfort during sexual experience. It also stays slippery until the friction stops. It is also the best lube to use if you want to moisturize your skin.

                Why you have to choose Nomi Tang lubricants?

                • Glycerine-free

                Since glycerine can be a harmful ingredient for some users, Nomi Tang produces lubricants that are glycerine-free and dermatologically tested. This is to make sure that their consumers will be safe when using their lubes.

                • Safe to use with condom

                Lubricants can also be used with condoms. Fortunately, Nomi Tang manufactures lube that is safe to use with condoms.

                What’s next?

                If you are interested in trying something new in your sexual routine, then using lubricant can be a great way to spice things up with your partner. Lubricants can enhance sexual function and arousal. Good thing, Nomi Tang products provide the quality products that can enhance your sexual experience. Browse here to see more in their collection of lubricants!

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