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                Malesation is a brand of sex toys that was established in 2012. Most of their adult toys are designed particularly for men. They always aim to manufacture high quality products. They didn’t just create men’s toy brand. Rather, they always wanted Malesation to be the best brand for men.

                Malesation is motivated to create products with the highest quality possible. Aside from that, they also offer great products that can arouse curiosity for men. In that way, it makes the customer end up either in a store or browsing online to purchase their products.

                Malesation continues to develop various sex toys such as anal toys, lube, condoms, masturbators, cock rings, toy cleaners and many more. They provide everything a man could ever want. They also have anal dildos for men. If you want to try Malesation dildos, here are some of the information about this sex toy.

                What is a dildo?

                Dildos are considered the most versatile sex toys. A dildo doesn’t move on its own unlike the vibrator. It has different shape and sizes that can bring a whole new dimension to men’s sex life. Dildo is also used for sexual penetration of the vagina, anus or mouth. It can even serve as both prosthetic or extension to men’s penis.

                Dildos can provide more realistic sex toy experience than vibrators. This is because they normally look and feel more like a penis. Thus, this makes it more satisfying for the user. Some dildos also have a harness that can be tied around the waist. It may allow the dildo to attach to the user. These dildos are commonly known as strap-ons.

                Things to remember before using Dildo

                Before trying any adult toys, always make sure that you have some knowledge of using it. Here are some of the important things to remember before using dildos.

                • Setting the mood

                Turning off the lights and lighting a few candles before sex can change the ambience in the bedroom. You can also play some sexy music. Lock the door so that you will not worry about someone barging in. This can also apply when you have your solo play.

                • Choosing the right dildo

                Like any other dildos, Malesation dildos come in various shapes and sizes. It is important that you choose the one that suits your needs and desires. Here are some tips to help you pick the best one.

                1. Select a dildo that is made from hard glass, steel or wood if you prefer hard stimulation.
                2. Go for a vibrating dildo if you need some extra sensation.
                3. If you like the feeling of being stretched, go for a larger or inflatable dildo.
                4. For beginners, it is suggested to choose the average size of dildo. It has just the same size as a man’s penis.
                • Warm up first

                You might need to warm up first before you start playing with your dildo. This means that you have to do some manual stimulation like masturbation. If there is no natural lubricant produced, then using some lube might help.

                • Always use lots of lube when using dildo

                In trying any kind of sex toys, using lubricant is very important. The best lubricant for dildos is water-based lubes. When using, it is vital to apply a generous amount of lube to fully enjoy your sex play.

                Dildo Techniques

                Below are some pleasurable techniques that are a must-try.

                1. Deep thrusting

                Thrusting along the entire length of the vagina can provide intense stimulation especially with textured dildo. Thrusting requires a toy that is firm enough not to bend. But make sure that it is not rigid.

                2. Short and Shallow

                The most sensitive nerve endings exist in the first 1/3 of your vagina. Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to thrust deeply to get the most out of your masturbation session with dildo. Short and rapid strokes are suggested when using dildo.

                Why should you choose Malesation dildos?

                • Quality controlled

                Every item produced by Malesation undergoes vigorous testing before it is launch in the market. In that way, they guarantee the customers for high quality of products. Malesation’s adult toys are functional and beautifully designed.

                • Innovative products

                The product line of Malesation is continuously enhanced. They currently have over 160 different items now.

                • With excellent retail presentation

                Malesation boosts their sales through their attractive packaging. You can also find their product information in six languages. This can help their customers to understand the instructions on how to use their products very well.

                What’s next?

                If you want to spice up your sex life using dildo, Malesation is the best choice for you. This will surely bring up pleasurable experience in your sex life. Trying this dildo can bring you the best sex toy experience! Browse on here for the complete collection of their adult toys.

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